Sunday, 17 February 2008

Am I free?

Freedom for me is all about watching the clear blue sky undisturbed.

It's about lying on the couch watching cuisine TV without anyone around.

It's about worrying for my dogs without anyone telling me I should not worry.

It's about crying out loud and dancing on a metal song.

It's about eating chocolate mousse without having to skip dinner.

It's about not having to keep any secrets.

In this sense, yes, I can be free... twisted

So tell me, are you free dudettes and dudes and my free aliens?


  1. hahaha! so you think too.
    you are free :D

  2. ^^ sympa surtout le "It's about not having to keep any secrets." Vive la liberté :p

  3. I dont know if I should say this, but this is sooooo sexy.

    I like watching TV alone too. But not in all cases. (Remember??)

  4. Jess, ouiii! vive la liberté! :P

    Jev, yup not when it's cold and there's someone with hot chocolate and a nice movie on tv. :P

  5. the chocolate mousse looks delicious. :P

  6. It's all about the chocolate mousse indeed! :D

    Cuisine TV, you like watching that too?

    Oh, how's the cyclone season? I heard about one near Madagascar.

  7. yeah i guess the notion of freedom all depends on how we perceive it...if freedom means having to blog on pathetic fuckers, then hell yeah i am free!! hihaha! ;)

  8. Dee, it tasted delicious as well

    manico, yup i looove cuisine TV! :D cyclones are not really coming our way just passing by and heading to Madagascar

    Rooch, lol! mais c vrai enplis! you are free to "done li so kantiter" hihi!

  9. if you can do the things you mentioned here from time to time, then indeed you are free :)

  10. miam i want that mousse!
    toi kine fer?
    hehehe mo mami si kontan watch cuisine tv.
    moi mo frustrer kan mo guet sa, mo tro gagne faim!
    muah stay as free as can be dear mo.

  11. Yeah- freedom. For me it would be being outdoors, roaming, hiking, walks along the beach. So I guess I'm free too. Enjoy your freedom - lets not give it up for anything!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and seeing a bit of my freedom.

  12. Free, hmmm, in my mind, yes, absolutely free... For the rest, savoury moments, here and there... Like watching TV late at night, when everybody else is asleep.
    Secrets can sometimes be portals to a certain freedom.

  13. Keli, non c pa moi kine fr sa. ti manz sa a pizza dotkom. ti mega bon!

    Treehouse dweller, yup let's not give it up for anything! great say! :D

    Vesper, this sentence is really deep Secrets can sometimes be portals to a certain freedom. It's true that as long as a secret is kept one is free and once it is revealed some freedom might be lost... hmmm..

  14. I like this one : "It's about eating chocolate mousse without having to skip dinner." :P :P :P

  15. I want that mousse! looks so good slurps

  16. Aline, yup it would be a real dream come true if I could do that! hihi

    Usha, everyone wants the mousse! XD

  17. Awesome post! I think I proved my freedom with my hair. ;o)

  18. nussaibah, yeah, right you are :)

    Bee, yup your hair definitely proves your freedom!

  19. LOL @ You

    I'm not free, I'm trapped in my own body :P

  20. dans sa cas la death is freedom :S

    hey tne gagne 1 nuvo url mo trouver! :D

  21. Wai bizin attanne next semester pou death la, acoz mone reussi passe sanala :P

    Sa URL la mo subsidiary blog sa...Primary la mem mo pa p capav update, pa koné ki pou fer LOL

  22. lol! wai ariver sa. mai pou freeworld zot ena la sanse pou gagne contribution imper authors :D