Sunday, 24 February 2008

Enjoy the silence

Just when you start bragging about how life is peaceful and calm when you live surrounded by a forest and greeneries some things come up to just prove you wrong. One of them is this:

loud helicopter

A damn helicopter! This has been going on for years. I guess the place is uninhabited enough to practice aviation or whatever. Guess they did not think that some people might actually try to work on a Sunday afternoon!


Anyway, have an excellent Sunday (or what remains of it) dudettes and dudes and my pissed off aliens. I'm off to kick some serious helicopter ass in my mind! evil

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  1. Oh, just helicopters. Be glad it aren't F16s, those created some serious noise. Luckily the just do quick fly-bys and it's over in like ten minutes (then the buzzing has gone).

  2. LOL kick them in the ass morinn.

    They've been practicing for how long???

  3. Manico, lol yeah! I'm glad they're not bigger planes but where I live I'm not used to any loud sound at all (except my headphones :P)

    Jev, from the time we moved in I know they were already doing it.

  4. 1 helico en exclu sur something to talk about! wahaha

  5. hihi to mane garde du corps sa morinnn!

  6. usha, et wi il fo de tout! :P

    Jess, lol mo penser zot p plito lance moi 1 attak! hihi

  7. u complain about the noise n i complain about the
    indeed its irritating working in noise but then u get fed up of too much silence as well
    dont go crazy over it

  8. moi c moban voisin ki derange moi
    zot ban super boite tapaz kom on dit

  9. Adi, yup too much silence can be disturbing as well. It's like

    "tu entends quelque chose?"


    "justement!" hihi

    Rooch, hihi bne veritab boite tapaz! :P zot ale en boite to croir? je coz cakes net!

  10. I would have been happy to see a helico that close ^^