Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Found it!

Today I am happy. Perhaps the birthday spirit is crawling in but I feel happy, excited, young... again. I've just brushed my teeth and I came back running, or bouncing to my room.

21 is not such a bad age after all, and I've found my promising event. It's this:

Sounds like a great event; the rock concert especially and the skating! If you happen to pass by Curepipe on Saturday, bounce in. You'll get to see some great bands live and be able to do a little good action by donating your blood! Hihi!

Of course there'll be more promising events coming up before and on the 23rd, I'll keep you posted. So long dudettes and dudes and my bouncy aliens!

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  1. I'm scared of needles, so I'll stay home :D

  2. i want to go there on sat. it looks fun. i don't know for sure though. :((

  3. lol.i thought you were going to talk about the salon agricole! this is so disappointing! muahaha! kiding.

  4. manico, hihi! am afraid of needles too. :S

    dee, it would be great if you could come! :P

    usha, yeaah the salon agricole, the date has been postponed. but i'm dreaming of cows all the time! hiihii

  5. Hi there!

    This is Ravi from Bollywood Buzz.

    Since you paid a visit to my blog (I saw your name in "recent readers" in MyBlogLog thingy) I thought of paying a visit to yours :)

    You've got an amazing blog, mam!

    I loved your articles..you've got a flair 4 writing :)

    Have added your blog to my Google Reader and now onwards, I would be a regular reader of your content!

    May be, I would learn something good, every time I read...what you write :)

    Take care!

  6. Okay, you're feeling OLD at 21? I must be a GRANNY then... *sigh*


  7. this shows that u r in full croissance lol...
    haha! but tell me, you are still growing??? at this age?
    kidding ;)

  8. Ravi, thanks :D

    Marlee, it's just a little twenties crisis! :D it's over now

    yashvin, hmmm, eeuuuhh, lol

  9. moo p vine grand! wahaha!to pou faire skating samedi la?

  10. ah cool comme event enfin pa coner sipa pu capav aller mone trouve sa depi dimanche dans weekend lol esperons ki vrai meme sa pu fun.

  11. Avesh, non pa moi

    Jess, wai moi si mo esperer li pou fun ek surtou ki pa pou ena lapli!!

  12. ahem mais eski li pou vraimen promising, tat is the question!
    to p go?
    i think i won't.
    i cannot stand bad hard rock played by bad bands and st8ter boys who pray to their lord, that is, avril lavigne.
    merd je suis une garce!

  13. wai ena 1 risk que sa craint!mais mo esperer ke sa craint pas! :( ou bien mo esperer mo gagne 1 lot promising event pou mo bday!

  14. I guess we gonna go to that concert. I'm gonna show you my skating skills. You've yet to see this. I suck at it. LOL

    So long.. mam.. hihih