Tuesday, 5 February 2008

Frightened me

I always like to think that I'm not easily frightened but then there are some things which just freak me out! One of them is this:

Horror encountered in the bus today.

Yeah artificial flowers! Eeeww. And notice that the roses are blue!

Humppphh... So much for today's horror dudettes and dudes and my freaked off aliens.

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  1. fair moi pense roses are red, violets are blue muahaha! sanala roses are blue, violets are huh...

  2. wai mai li horrible ta! des fleurs artificielles, en plis bleues :(

  3. 1stly


    and 2ndly

    How did you manage to take that pic without the owner of this piece of shiloukawounga going wtf?? :\

  4. i said, "oh wow, such a lovely bouquet, can i have a picture of it?" hihi

    nah, i just took it. you know how quick i am with the cam! :P

  5. rhaa to ena raison fouf bien vilainnn sa mane fleur artificielles la. lol chance to rapide ek to cam ^^. moi mo nek tire capuchon mo objectif sans guet dans viewfinder mo nek shoot. dimoune pa trop prend compte ler la hihi.

  6. Jess, wai! mais moi mo penser 1 2 dimune ine trouver akoz bis la ti rempli net mais mo croir zot p penser mone trouve bouquet la tro zoli! hihi

  7. Ahh zot p penser to innocente. Zot pa cner to pu bash sa lor to blog. LOL

  8. Wow, i thought those were real. Guess I'll have to go work on my plantology or something.

    Didn't they modify roses so they could be blue? Oh look, I've got a link :D http://www.physorg.com/news3581.html

    Oh, do you guys have tulips? Or narcissus?

  9. that blue rose on the picture is wonderful! :P nope we dont have tulips and narcissus in mauritius :( too bad.

  10. yeeekk sa c le comble du mauvai gout.
    menfin kav line truv ha artistik.
    imper kitch koi!

  11. lol! wai mo bizin sey compren dimune la so point de vue. aprer tou le coeur a ses raisons ke la raison ne connais pa! muahaha!