Wednesday, 20 February 2008

How NOT to be me, in some easy lessons

Are you one of those people who have been here and gone out wondering how the hell I could be like that and then dreading the possibility that you become like me at some point in your life? Fear no more! I have a solution for you, it's called how not to be me, in some easy lessons.

First thing you should know: I have always been like that.
And I can actually hear relieved sighs. Yeah I'm happy I cleared out this doubt. But then you'll ask me, what's "that"?. Well that is THAT! That, the way I am, duh! I can't explain further...

Let's move on, shall we?

Second thing you should know: That photo you see on my blog is the best I can ever look.
It's so different from the real me than when I meet people they hardly recognize me! So my advice to you, if you don't want to be like me is to paste an ugly photo of yourself on your blog. Or better yet, don't paste anything at all.

Third thing: Never try to do everything by yourself. Trust others. Others can be intelligent and talented too. If you don't start trusting people you might end up like me, a real control freak who tries to do everything by herself and who gets angry at people because they supposedly did not help her out.

Fourth thing: The world is not trying to compete with you. Life is not just about winning. The earlier you learn this, the more chances you have of not becoming like me.

Fifth thing: Don't adopt incompatible hobbies. Metal and crafts don't go together, no matter how convincing I am in making you believe they do, they don't. Choose hobbies that go well together and you'll be happy for the rest of your life without having to listen to craft freaks constantly bashing metallers and vice versa. Yeah "metaller" does not exist! Like I give a damn!

Ahh! so long dudettes and dudes and my not wanna-be-me aliens!

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  1. I don't have a picture of myself on my blog, so that distinguishes me from you. :)

    But I do have incompatible hobbies :( I like to write stories, but I don't like reading that much, since most books bore me after the first 50 -okay honestly 5- pages.

    Is it your birthday yet?

  2. Hihi! i like to read but i've never been able to put a story together.

    hehe! nope my birthday is on Saturday. I've still got some days left to enjoy my 20! :P

  3. I am not like my profile picture hehe.

  4. hihi! it's good that you do not look like your profile picture! :P

  5. Enjoy your 20's... :P

    Hmmm thats a very confusing post. How not to be me by Morinn. I wanna read a book. :Z I think I need to sleep. :u Love you.

  6. My dad's birthday is on Friday! And you are just like him! :(

  7. Haha #3 is so me, it's not that I don't trust others or think am too intelligent but it feels so good when I actually get to do something without the help of others. I do seek help, only when I am sure it's a lost battle.

  8. Yan, it's great to see that I'm not the only 1 like that. hihi

    Rubeina, yeah it's true, the satisfaction is greater when you accomplish something all by yourself without anyone's help.

  9. i always wanted to be like you, but i'm giving it up, cuz its too complicated!
    and the truth, according to me, is that you look much prettier than in the picture in real!
    happi last-still-20 days.

  10. I'm with you on the trusting people thing. Still working on that one.

    I can also say with great confidence that I look nothing like you. :)

  11. Pas tro daccord wiz point 2...

    u r not 'that bad' lol :P

    [to some1 ki se reconaitra:pas zalou, mo pane dire narien de mal lol]

  12. hmm to imazine toi si tiena 2 toi lor later? 2 morinn? ek mem figir, mem manier penser tou?

  13. dee, you're not in class :D

    keli, :$ mo p rougi la! hihi! akoz to mo cam ki to p dir sa! hihi, i'm making the most of my last days, esperons mo pa end up com kurb cobain! whahaha!

    pete, hihi, yeah it's kind of difficult to get to trust people sometimes

    yashvin, thanks! :D hihi

    rooch, merde, en tou k si ena 1 2eme mo pa ler zoine li! hihi, pou tro mat sa! :P