Thursday, 7 February 2008

Inspiration from the past

books on crafts

Those books are sources of inspiration and great bedtime reads as well! I just can't remember when my father acquired them, I must have been real small or not yet born. (Yeah they are that old!) But then they have been nicely kept and not used really often, except the ones on outdoor structure and landscaping. Before the era of technology and the common use of the internet, I guess that's what craft lovers had to help them; those lovely, well-illustrated books.


Anyway, I still use those books as a source of inspiration and to look for solutions to certain problems. Most of the contents are still relevant today though the tools suggested in those books are quite outdated.

Ah! So much for one of my sources of inspiration dudettes and dudes and my bookish aliens. I've going to bed early today. I'm having a flu and I don't want that to develop into a fever. (I've been out in the rain today but it was fun... hihi)

P.S: I've put this thing into good use, huh Jev? :D
flower in water

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  1. These books look awesome. :P Thats where all the crafts come from. lol

    That candle is great. :P Bet its magic when the lights are out. :u

  2. lol! yeah they are awesome Jev! hehe, yup the candles are purely and truly magic at night!

  3. lovely books they don't look that old. very well kept sa!

  4. Those books look nice. Yea, before the internet people had to use books. Suckers! :P

  5. sa mane livre la bien interessant meme si zot impé vieux faire moi rappel mane lepok encyclopedie..kan mane vendeur faire porte a porte pou vane zot 12 encyclopedie ki coute cher :p

  6. usha, yup nune bien keep li! :D

    manictastic, yup books were the only means for ideas! :D

    Jess, wai ti ena souven bne dimune zot rod vane bne encyclopedie. ti mem ena bne agents bne mark encyclopedie! hihi

  7. As my former history teacher said: if you don't know your past, you can't get to know your future

  8. wow thats so cool. they look very new indeed. to pou kav pass sa a to ban zenfan ki a zot tou pou pass a zot ban zenfan ki a zot tour pou pass a zot ban zenfan ki a zot tour pou pass a zot ban zenfan ki a zot tour...

  9. lol! wai mo pou pass zot a mo bne zenfan! ek sa pou continier exister koi! :P