Saturday, 23 February 2008

It's the day

Today is the day. I woke up to heavy rains and winds and thinking why the hell this always happened to me. Can't I have a normal, sunny day for my birthday. I mean please? It's not because I'm piscean that I'm supposed to love water. OK I do love water, but not the kind of water that gets everywhere and ruins birthday plans. Late at night in bed I was thinking that perhaps the forces above were angry at me for something. Yeah I know it's a ridiculous thought but hell don't ask me to think logically at 3 in the morning.

Right now it's almost 10 a.m and I'm waiting for my nani (grandma) to wake up so that I could call her to hear her wishes! Aww she's cute!

Right now I really wanna go to Mahebourg. That's where I was born! I wanna get back to the roots! Perhaps I'll pay the village a visit soon!

Oh and this is Cookie and Kushie, seeing them behave nice towards each other is one of the best birthday gifts I've ever received.

About the birthday food, there would be dhal pita, fried rice and potato chips (special request from me, hihi). For the cakes, there would be the absolutely important birthday cake, barfees and samoussas. I'll be posting pictures by tonight. ;)

It is tonight, so here are the pictures:

The barfee (light orange color, square cakes have been cut by me and the birthday cake decorated by me.) Hihi!

So long dudettes and dudes and my aging aliens. So much for the 23rd.

P.S: Happy birthday PTr! mrgreen Yeah I share my great day with a political party. How sweet. rolleyes

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  1. H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y

    Wishing You Many Many Happy Returns Of The Day!
    May You Live Loooooooooooooong!
    May God Bless You With Joys n Happiness In Your Life!
    May You Keep Smiling (you look cute)
    Take Care, Mam :)

    H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y

  2. Happy Birthday to you Morinn! Have a nice day even though it's raining...ek ki sa concert la ine renvoyer :(. Rho et bon appetit biensur, bon samoussa hihi

  3. Happy Birthday honey.

    At last i got to see your grandma. hihi

    Have a nice day. :p I wish I could have some of the cake. :\

  4. Thanks a lot Ravi! :D

    merci Jess, hihi! soley fek sorti la, mai mo penser li pou de courte duree.. wai les samoussas, miaaam! hihi

  5. Happy birthday. I hope this rain won't ruin your plans for today.

  6. Jev, I'll try to keep a piece of the cake for you!

    Irfaan, thanks! The plans won't be too compromised by the rain as we'll be staying at home. ;)

  7. Happy birthday! enjoy the day. your nani is cute and so are your dogs. ^^

  8. Yo Girl! Happy Birthday :) So, Nani Morinn coter gauche, et photo dans post la c'est la nani de nani morinne.

    Enough kidding.

    I wish you a long and merry life full of happiness, love, ever blossoming hair, and good health.

    Keep ruling.

    Fadil (fadilnet)

    Have fun :)

  9. Joyeux Anniversaire!
    Happy Birthday!

    Aw, ta nani es cute :D

    Enjoy the cakes and the chips and dips and what not. Don't let the rain spoil it.

  10. happy birthday to you, happy birthday to u, happy birthday to yooooou morinn, haaaapy birthday to yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooUUUUUUU!
    mo souhaite toi le usual stuff ki ban dimoun souhaite zot camarad kan ena zot lanif et mo souhaiter ki to gagne plin fleur dans to jardin! hihi!
    enjoy ur day hun!
    ze ve gato! and yummy yummy barfi!

  11. Happy Birthday ;)

    Beurrk @ dhal pita, I hate this thing lol

    Sexy Nani :P

  12. Have an awesome birthday moo. rock on. sending you loadsa love and kisses.

  13. Happy bday Morinn, seems like u really enjoyed even though it's been raining today :)

    Hehe your nani looks cool!

  14. wish you a happy belated birthday

  15. aye mo en retard!
    mai happie birfdai kan meme!
    wish you all the joy there could be.
    wow mo trouver tone gagen plin birfdai goodness. i want a piece of the cake moi!
    your nani rocks. and the dogs look so cute.
    c ya.

  16. Hope that you had a great birthday!=)

  17. Thanks a lot for the wishes dudettes and dudes! :P muaaah! i had an awesome birthday at home. It was fun. ;)

  18. keli to pa en retard. mo ti gagne to message zour mo lanif, lor mo mob!! ^^