Friday, 15 February 2008

It's in 1 week

Yeah it's in one week, the damned birthday; it's not that I don't want it to come but the fact that it will make me older is kind of disturbing. I mean who the hell wants to be 21? 20 was cool. I thought it would make me wiser but it turned out to be the same or worst. 20 made made me stupid, it turned me into a craft, art, garden and festivals lover. I can attest I was not like that. Those who've known me since last year can say, yeah I know Morina, that flower lover. And then someone who've known me for more than that will know of my poetry, Egyptology, literary, abstract art, song writing, singing, guitar playing, piercings, fitness, lemon trees, AIDS combating and benevolent periods.

The good thing is that those periods have left in me great memories which I will always cherish and which surface from time to time giving me the opportunity to re-indulge in them. Recently I'm thinking of doing something good again but it will be revealed in due course, I only hope I succeed, before the feared 23rd of this month arrives. Wish me good luck! :)

Anyway, so long dudettes and dudes and my excited aliens. I gotta get back to work.

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  1. ^^ rohhh mais ça ira, un an de plus ça peut-être sympa :p, on verra ce que tu diras quand t'auras 24 ans hinhin.

  2. ohhh girl!!!so you are also piscean...happy birthday in advance.

  3. You are so piscean. LOL

    Dont worry your plan's gonna be great. I remember the old you. :P You were so much a rebel.. :D

  4. Thanks Ropi

    Jess, lol! wouais, on verra. De toute maniere de suis obligee de tenter le coup! hihi je peut pas en rester la et cesser de grandir de toute maniere! hihi

    Nussaibah, yup it's not necessarily old but for it's quite disturbing that I'm approaching the thirties! lol

    Ashish, yup piscean here as well! :D Thanks for the birthday wish

    Jev, yup I change with time, that's the only thing I really do! hihi

  5. lol! you had interesting periods in your life! XD

  6. A varied girl it seems. No wonder so many people read this blog. :)

  7. what you gonna do... there are so many things that passionate you. good luck with that project.

  8. manico, they are not that many! :D

    usha, yup it's true, i'm often struck with sudden passions for different stuff!

  9. And don't worry about your age, there is the same difference between us in age than between me and my younger brother so you can tell you could be the sister of a 17.5 years old person and then it sounds better however 21 is not a grandma age so don't worry.

  10. That's really sweet of you Ropi! :D Yeah you're right, it's not a grandma age afterall! :D

  11. hi dudette, i think you need to take your birthday positively. 21 is still very young. you got plenty of time and opportunity to discover new things. good luck :D

  12. 21 is okay. Really. I'm speaking from experience here. :P I'm turning 24 this year. Mid-twenties.... wahhh :P
    Any plans for your birthday?

  13. early Happy Birthday then!
    and all the best in all future endeavors...!

  14. Aline, I guess I'll be more comfortable in my mid-twenties! :D I've got no plans yet! :O Nothing really definite that is. I gotta rush! hihi!

    Waz, thanks! :D

  15. ..I know the feeling! hihi I felt so old too when I turned 21, well more precisely when I entered the twenties (just thinking I was no longer a teen annoyed me, haha). Now I don't mind getting older but I just regret I didn't start my journey online earlier :D
    I won't wish u happy bday now, still a week's left :P
    And yeah, good luck with your plans :)

  16. grrr weh to ena raizon 21 ene chiffre effrayant mo trouver. deja ke 20 c-t pas terrib terrib. moi mo tiavoudrer reste 19 tou mo lavie, entre ladolescence ek, ahem l'ennui!
    to konner ki pir ki gagne 21 ans? c gagne 22 ans. arg l'angoisse!
    aller morinn to pas tousel, donc courage!!!
    ki plan pou lannif la? nou p al bwar kitpar pres ek ene lariviere? haha

  17. mo fek gagne 20 ans, to p al lor 21! merde to telma grand! lol
    weh zot tou passe par la, amoins bon dieux beni toi ziska to mort...euh sori mone tan ha dialog kk la parla parla
    anyway, cheer up!
    et sil te plait, pa boir kot lariviere dak?

  18. Hey Morrin,
    Everyone here will remember you for owning such a wonderful blog with great posts which bring a smile to our faces! But now I'll also remember you as a strange girl who dreads as her Birthday arrives nearer!
    Have a great time!

  19. Rubeina, I've got that same regret as well. Of not having started my online journey earlier and most importantly of not having started a blog earlier! hihi

    Keli, wai 19 ans ti pou top. deza ki dan mo latet mo enkor ena 19 ans!

    Rooch, wai, tone fek gagne 20 ans toi :( sniff! hihi! pa traka, pa pou ena okene plan la riviere! tro salissant sa!

    Meghna! hihi! Thanks a lot! :D