Sunday, 10 February 2008

Lovely Sunday...

Today I had a lovely Sunday. Not too much things happened but just enough to make it another lovely Sunday. The most pleasant and surprising stuff that happened today is that I got this award (shown below) from Manictastic. It's for his short story contest in which I took part and I must say I'm really touched and really really excited about it! I even showed it to my mum and sister, just to tell you how much I'm happy about it.

The short story I had written can be read here. Once again thanks a lot Manico! :D

Another great event in my personal blogosphere is MBB's fourth month anniversary. I wish them the best of luck and keep to the great work going dudettes and dudes at MBB! (sorry for leeching the logo :P )

Apart from those, today I realised something really important, Valentine's Day is just some days away and I did not plan anything about it! Oh my God! I just hope the 14th is not as bad as it was last year; there was lots of rain. Argh!

So much for today dudettes and dudes and my happy aliens! Be good! twisted

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  1. Ohh valentine huh.. Big surprise ahead.:P

    And congrats for your reward. I really liked the story. :P Love. Jev.

  2. thanks jev! i was inspired by you to write it! hmm, what surprise huh? :P

  3. boo! guess who's back!! yaaay!
    felicitations for the reward, nice story...ih
    and happy birthday MBB..u rock! ;)

  4. Congrats in the reward =) I'll be looking forward to reading your story :D And euhh... you have 4 more days left :D

  5. rooooooocch! mone reve toi hier!! :D

    nussaibah, yup got 4 days to find something! hihi

  6. good job with the short story. it was really human! :D and happy birthday to the MBB. they rock the blogosphere! yayy

  7. I must say that cup looks mighty good. You must be very proud of it.

    Valentine's Day is such a big fuzz. It's the chocolate industry who invented it just to sell more of their delicious chocolates.

  8. congratulations girl for your short story award. keep going!!!

  9. yeah manico! the cup is mighty good! coming up a post on the horror of valentines day, just to stay in the theme! XD

    Ashish, thanks a lot! :D

  10. heartfelt congratulations to mbb. they rock!

  11. congrats!! how sweet and short. never thought u'd write something in that style. i remember those poems you used to write when we were still at school. i mean, i never understood a single word!!!

  12. Diya, yup they rock :D

    keli, hihi! mo pa pou kav re kumence ecrir kumsa aster! bizarment!