Monday, 25 February 2008

Sabotage everywhere

Returning home today, I saw a lovely house being repainted into a really dull and boring hue of orange, if that isn't sabotage? Then I saw a lovely yellow gate being repainted black! Yeek... You should have seen that! Where are all those lovely and animated colour? Don't make your life lifeless! Dare to be colorful...

Finally, there has been a sort of sabotage regarding the Maha Shivaratree festival. Some people are insisting that it should be on the 6th while we will be celebrating on the 5th. My dad's brother who is a pandit is really mad at this. He's saying that in India it'll be on the 6th. Dunno to what extent some people can go to manipulate our holidays. rolleyes

Anyway, so long dudettes and dudes and my sabotaged aliens.

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Thanks to and for the pictures.


  1. if that was the greatest sabotage on the world it would be an almost perfect place.

  2. Ropi, Mauritius is the perfect place :)

    Orange, black, yuk. :)

  3. Ahh the colors.

    Is that why you decided to do some architect hobbies??

  4. Ropi, I've experienced greater sabotage than this but I don't want to talk about it! :)

    Manico, yeah! Mauritius is perfect! hihi...

    Jev, you know I've always been so much on the move, trying everything I can! :D

  5. a world without colors is not worth it. ^^

  6. ah la la!
    some years ago a neighbour of mine painted his house in purple! the flashy kinda purple!!
    if that is not sabotage...

  7. dee, yeah it's not worth it

    rooch, hey ena 1 lakaz dan mo chemin ki sa couler la! yeeeek!!!

  8. what difference does it make if it's on wednesday or thursday?

  9. "Don't make your life lifeless! Dare to be colorful..."

    so rightly said :)

  10. Kavi, you imagine celebrating new year on the 31st?

    Offbeat, thanks! :)

  11. y not make it on the 5th and 6th as well?!!! two public hols can't be that bad huh ;)
    i hate the color of the wall around my house, its an orange terrecuite.
    its horrible!!! now now i fear that my neighbours are thinking the same, sabotage!

  12. keli, lol! wai 2 zour conger c le comble! :P mo lerrr!!

    pour sabotage la sa depend kumen to bne voisin zot miraille eter! :P kot moi miraille mem pa crepi. zot enkor a letat sovage! ^^

  13. ah man sabotage congé public sa nou mane grand chef conner bien bien. ^^ bizin faire la greve ;p

  14. wai! moi mo dir si zot pa p coner ki date pou met li vo mieu met li les 2 dates, to be on the safe side! :P