Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Seen in the bus - Wordless Wednesday

seen in the bus

My first participation for Wordless Wednesday. :)

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  1. salut morinn...

    thanks for visiting my site... this is such a nice shot too... so candid:) (but i could not make out the writings though)

    have a nice day:)

  2. I couldn't make out all of it, but the gist of it is sad... poor thing. Thanks for dropping by mine!
    Happy WW! My sister-in-law was originally from Mauritius. :)

  3. Would you believe me if I say I can't make out what's written as well! I know what was written was really depressing though! :(

  4. i cannot make it out too but it looks very sad.
    your foto reminds me of the writings i saw on the library tables today. however those were hilarious. maybe someday i'll take a shot, if the library woman does not catch me!
    i love the wordless wednesday concept.

  5. I undersood the word "hatred" in that... it sounds so depressing. *sigh*

  6. your handwriting is uglier than mine. I don't let people complain about mine anymore.

  7. Ellen, yup indeed! :D

    Keli, mo conten tir photo bne ti truc cons ki mo trouve ecrir partou partou! hihi!

    Nussaibah, yeah it was depressing and what was more depressing was the bad English! :D

    Ropi, that's NOT my handwriting. :) It was something I saw written in a bus.

  8. I remember that photo. Hmmm.

    I dont really remember the words, but I can try to decrypt that. Nice concept btw.

  9. humm dur dur de déchiffrer tout ça ^^

  10. hayley, lol!

    Jev, don't even try! :P

    Jess, wai hyper dur. J'essai depuis des heures! XD

  11. Is that ur own arm? nice picture :) but not really wordless :d

  12. it's something about giving unconditional love and in return she got hatred... this is so sad.

    welcome to ww.

  13. Yes Morrin, it's so depressing.

    Happy WW.

  14. With reference to what 'a simple life' said, I too got that impression although I could barely decipher the words... the word hatred does tend to stand out at the end!

    It is hard to understand, but there are people out there who reject emotion and the more feelings, love and respect you show to the person the more they reject you! It may nit really be hate, but through the pain the rejection causes it can easily be seen as hate!

    For those people who love such a person it will be a big helter skelter of ups and downs, moments of happiness suddenly dashed by outright iciness!

    Hope the author of that note didn't let the events ruin life!

    And... Morinn, what is this Wordless Wednesday?

  15. Good mornin', Mornin'. Well, it's not exactly mornin' anymore, so, Good Evenin'.
    Thanks for stopping by the Asylum today. Be sure to wander back over sometime.
    Can't make out the writing but am thinking it's a sad note.

  16. Oh no, is that just me or is that a depressing note?

  17. i can't make head or tail of the writing but it's nicely taken as it arouses your viewers, that seems like a love letter to me though, with some notes of hatred, am i right?

  18. :(
    li paret mari blesser tou dimoun kine ekrir ha la

  19. yay!
    here is what i've deduced after looking at it for alot of time!

    ??? z way u have treated me, i was just surprise by knowing all this.
    i've loved u unconditionally but in return u gave me hatred.

    the first word i really can't see though.

  20. manico, nope there is not my arm in the picture! :P

    a simple life, thanks for the welcome! :P

    Liza, yeah totally depressing

    Rea, yeah indeed

    Lupideloop, unfortunately some people fall in love with the wrong kind of persons.
    Wordless wednesday is about posting only an image on your blog on wednesday without writing anything up. :)

    Swampy, I'll wander back! sure! :D

    Mamageek, it's not just you! :D

    Lordmanila, Glad to see you back!! :D :D yup it was someone expression a sadness for having lost the love of someone

    Rooch, wouep daprer lord line blesser, c vrai!

    Keli, mo pa kav croir tone ale dechiffrer sa! hihi! mo croir to traduction corek! :P


  21. lol! sorry rater sa. merde mo ti mem pa remarker... kifr mone ecrir sa? :S