Monday, 18 February 2008

Seen somewhere in the bushes

smoking kills, cigarettes

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  1. dont tell me about it. i'm in denial of this! XD

  2. eski foto la c to moyen de lutter contre le tabagisme?
    eski foto la c to moyen de lutter contre la pollution de l'environment?
    eski foto la c to moyen de luter contre le tabagisme ek environmental pollution?

  3. avesh, am not tell u to stop! :P

    rooch, hihi, je sais pas. mai mone trouve sa bizar ki lor 1 boite cig ine ecrir smoking kills en ossi gro. zamai mone trouve sa avant. dabitude lecriture la mari mini!

  4. Is it mandatory in Mauritius to write on cigarets that smoking kills? If not, the package is European, probably Britian or Ireland.

  5. nash, it's time to stop! lol! just kidding, hmm, who cares?

    manico, yup its mandatory but it's usually written in very small letters so that no one can see them. this one was special. yup i guess it's foreign

  6. I once saw a Canadian Cigarette box where there was a big photo on a completely decayed teeth :eek:

    It was really scary, and I wondered who's going to smoke this cigarette lol

  7. wai mo croir c fait pou decourage bne dimune a fumer em sa! :S

  8. en tout cas pas ene boite cigarette moricien sa non ? ^^ enfin li bon o moin mane fumeur conscient de c ki zot p faire ek pa blame cigarette la apres...:p

  9. Jess, wai mai malgrer sa gros warning la sa dimune la ine fimer tou cigarete ki ti ena dan boite la! hihi

    Ropi, yup it can be sarcasm! :D

  10. Its been written on cigarettes packs since long. I thought you knew.. :P

    This post is minimal btw. :P Lazy.. :P

  11. lol
    i like this photo!
    seen in the bush. haha.
    endirer sa ban tabloid la. as seen on tv sipaki.
    very cool.
    i think this is ridiculous, as if ppl did not know that! si to nepli kav apprecier ene cigarette sans ki to gagne limpression ki to p touye toi, mai ki to kav fer!!! to nepli lib.

  12. Jev, I knew. but never seen it written that big! hihi

    Keli, wai c vrai! mankait plus ki lor bne gato o chocolat, zot ecrir chocolate makes fat! hihi

  13. it's great to capture interesting pictures like that sometimes.