Wednesday, 13 February 2008


You know how unexcited I am about the whole valentine thingy. But I got to know that the more you repress something, the more it comes chasing after you. That's what happened today when I was frying some chips. Here's a grease mark on kitchen paper:

Yeah if you look closely it has the symbolic shape of a heart.

But that's not all. That's really not all!

That plant was not like that yesterday! It was freaking not like that! It was all green with just some tiny flowers and now it seems all read with huge, vibrantly red flowers!

Ahemm and now if you tell me those are not signs I'll ask you to kindly swallow your socks. OK, I think I'm just going crazy!

Anyway, take care dudettes and dudes and my crazy aliens. Happy valentine's day. Aargh.

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  1. Ohh you are getting signs... Interesting... I think your mad. LOL Anyway tomorrow's the big day. Will there be more surprises?? You will know if you read the next post right here on... Morinn's blog. YAY


  2. It seems as if Jev knows something ;)

    I'm not swallowing my socks, they stink too much :P That mark on the kitchen paper does not look to appetising as well. Ah well, Morinn is loosing it. Heheh:D

  3. why not like valentines day?

  4. manico, yup i guess i'm really losing it this time! :D

    anon, i dunno. really! hihi!

  5. it sounds like in the movies. when the universe conspires to make a special someone start liking something. it might be your case too

  6. happy valentine's day blogger fellows!

  7. dee, that's sweet. am i a special someone? hihi!

    yashvin, thanks, same to you! :D Enjoy the day ;)

  8. wow the flowers are awesome!
    is that a big tree?
    it looks so huge.
    i hope you've had a happy valentine.
    mine was cool, hanging out under the tree at uni and listening to some "santer mariaz". whitney houston and mariah carrey rock on valentine!!!
    and, euh, do i really have to eat my socks?

  9. you can't escapes signs! XD

  10. ryc: I should just wait until inspiration strikes? This might take a while...

  11. chips grease marks and valentine's day? that's the trashiest valentine i've ever seen

  12. keli, nope it's not such a big tree but it has grown quite tall lately. usually it's trimmed! hihi, mariah carey! lol nah to pa bizin eat your socks la! mone aret ress crazy! hihi

    usha, right you are

    Ropi, thanks! :)

    Kev, hmm, ok, you post as often you like, what you write is awesome any way!

    Antish, ooh yeah it's trash!

  13. Hye Morinn,
    Yeap , hurray to us ! Justice prevails !

    XD hahaha