Tuesday, 26 February 2008

That 70s show - season 1

70 clothes
Dudettes and dudes the time has come once again for me to fulfill my MBBian duty and to give birth to a post on this week's theme, which is Seasons. So I thought I'd write about the first season one of my favourite TV shows, That 70s Show.

That 70s Show saw its birth in 1998 on American TVs. It was much later in 2005 that we Mauritians got the opportunity to view it on our national TV and that too I could not watch the show cause at the time that it was aired I was attending tuitions. Then two years later (last year) I got the whole of season 1 as a gift from Jevin. OK. So much for the background information.

Now about the show (I'm talking of season 1 only here), it's truly awesome, trust me. The theme song rocks:

Hanging out...
down the street
the same old thing
we did last week
not a thing to do
but talk to you
out in the streets

Hello Wisconsin!!

Well the theme song was approximately that, yeah I'm lazy to check.

Then comes the clothes worn by the actors. The show is located in the year 1976, so you get all the package of 70s clothes from Eric's geeky clothes to Donna and Kelso's casual wear to Jackie's posh clothing.

Then you often see all the accessories related to the time like retro washing machines, retro blenders, retro fridges, retro phones... The list is long.

What I personally think kicks ass about the show is Eric's Vista Cruiser and his basement where they often hang out watching TV or having some silly fun.

Eric's Vista Cruiser
In season 1, you get to see Eric's birthday and how his mom tries to hide a surprise party without being subtle about it, what happens when you take an old car out of town just to go to a concert and how to deal with it and how to save the money for a Christmas tree but stealing a tree and keeping the money for other things. mrgreen

Below, images of a very popular artistic scene, the That 70s show way taken from the episode title "Streaking" where the guys decide to streak and finally only Eric manages to do it and that too to divert the attention of an entire audience from his father who was hesitating to ask a question to President Ford.

There are so many other moments like these that can make you fall from your chair for laughing so hard. I just hope you've had the opportunity of watching season 1. It's a must-see according to me.

Anyway, so long dudettes and dudes and my retro aliens. So much for this week's theme.
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  1. A must see? huh

    Yeah I liked the show a lot. I still watch it when I got nothing to do. Its the kind of shows that you can watch time after time. Its not that they are too awesome, its just that.. I dunno maybe it never gets old.. :P

  2. ha! that 70s show! :D
    you watched the bloopers show? if not then do check it out on veoh, the part where kitty went to some sort of strip club with the girls threatens to kill me of laughter each time! :P:P

  3. manico, hihi, that's what Red always says! :P

    Bansuri, damn! I should watch it! hihi

  4. like it when they get high :) around the table

    my favourite character is FEZ lol

  5. lol it looks very funny!
    as it is a "must see", i'll definitely look for it ;)

  6. Yeah! when they talk about the vista cruiser, being a boat! hihi...
    Yeah Fez! He's a very original character, the funniest part is that no one really knows where he comes from! I love his accent! :P

  7. keli omg i posted 1 min after you! hihi! I could bring the CD tomorrow! :P

  8. i watched 2 or 3 episodes.whr can we get the whole season?

  9. I don't know about that Amber. But I guess you could buy DVDs online.

  10. That 70's Show is one of my favorite classic tv series, it has a moral lesson and it was very inspiring.I used to
    watch that 70s show online
    and enjoying it a lot.