Tuesday, 25 March 2008

About the rain


It's still here. Yeah! Mightier than ever and I'm wondering from where the clouds are getting so much water to throw at us. But I must admit that it feels cozy to sit inside and watch the rain fall while having some cups of hot beverages.

Below, some random pictures of the day. I've gone through some Egyptian art books and magazines to seek inspiration for my room's decoration. I've finally opted for a modern but Egyptian touch for the deco. Let's cross fingers and hope it works fine.
egyptian art

cat watching the rain

The rain can be inspiring after all. :D I'll leave you on this note dudettes and dudes and my inspired aliens. Take good care of yourselves.

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  1. Woow I just realized how all your photos have a dark feel to them. :p Take photos while decorating. :p

  2. egyptian deco, that is so you. couldn't find a better theme i guess.
    good luck!

  3. Your cat is also appreciating the rain. Good luck with the deco :)

  4. dan ki lemonde to pe vivre toi?
    ta,prend 2 pots la peinture to pein to fer bien.to pa trouver to pe perdi to letemps r tou sa ban gonaze la!

  5. ena rido eygptien cot majoo interdecor :p...bon courage ek pa blier kan fini to montrer nu resiltat final.

    A bientôt.

  6. Lovely post and equally nice post too. Me too loves rain.

    Naaiice Blog as well. :)

  7. gr8 man... m getting wet everyday... lolz... and the rains still making me feel gloomy.. gid luk with the new look of ur room... egyptian look..hmm thts unique....

  8. awww how i love the shap of minoushette (li enkor apel minoushette?) near the window! tooo lovely!!
    hey cool the deco!

  9. That furball looks like he is ready to pounce? =^..^=

    Good luck decorating!!

  10. jev, yup i'll take photos, sure! :D

    keli, hihi, yup. mo pou fr 1 egyptian chamber! :P

    rubeina, yup it was really appreciating the rain. :D

    ton vie, euh...

    jess, definitivement to p fr pub manjoo interdecor toi! :P

    rohit, thanks ;)

    samby, the rain does no good on the mood, that's true. :S

    rooch, wi li enkor apel minoushette mem si li 1 male! lol!

    mamageek, he's always looking like he's ready to pounce! ^^

  11. I love Egyptian art and decorations. good luck with it.

  12. The clouds get the water from the sea and the sea is big big big so they can pour lots and lots and lots of water on people. :D

    Oh, Egyptian. That's a great idea.