Saturday, 1 March 2008

Holy Pilgrimage?

grand bassin

nandhi statue at grand bassin

It was close to that. We went to Grand Bassin today. Woke up early, bathed, dressed up, my mum prepared a picnic and we were there in one hour. Yeah! Ain't that awesome? So we reached Grand Bassin, had trouble to find a proper parking space. And minutes later we were praying down there at the edge of the lake. We completed all the rounds of deities and donations in less than one hour. While returning to the car I saw this wonderful purple flower and I could not resist. I managed to get one that has roots to it. Yeah holy pilgrimages are truly beneficial.

purple flower

But seriously, religions and religious festivals should not be taken too seriously as some people just might be taking advantage of that piety and god-fearing nature most people have. For instance I've noticed a serious seasonal inflation regarding the price of bananas, coconuts etc... Basically all those fruits and provisions usually used during this period of time.

Plus they were actually selling bael leaves at the entrance of the great Shiv temples at Grand Bassin. Yeah you might say it's just donation but... who the hell are they kidding? I know that temples and religious institutions have costs but I sense that they are more than breaking even here.

Thanks for the bael leaf image.

Anyway so much for the dark issue and now for some fun issue, today is Kushie's birthday! He is a five year old little boy now. hihi! Happy birthday Toops (though I know you won't be reading my blog.) mrgreen

Aah so much for today dudettes and dudes and my cheering aliens. This post was a perfect example of a what I did today post! lol

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  1. Oh sa vrai meme, ena dimoune profiter pu vane tou ser..enfin ki pu faire ^^ sinon happy Bday to this little cute dog :)

  2. waai! ki pou faire! hihi! thanks. mo pou fr li part de tes voeux!

  3. happy birthday kushie!
    yea ive been to gbassin yesterday and there were many hmmm how do i put it...''beggers??''
    kom koi, we do a lot of wicked things in the name of religion eh?

  4. wai moi si mone trouve sa. o fait ena dimune profite lokazion. zot coner bne dimune pou vine fr la priere ek zot pa pou kav refiz fr 1 ti donation. mo pou dir kushie happy birfday de ta part! :P

  5. it's a shame to perpetrate scams in the name of religion

  6. haha! trop komik ur last sentence (donne li ene ti laptop en kdo, pu chk so mail )

    n pu gbassin, faire 3 ans parla mo pane aller, mo ziste ine al faire piknik de temps en temps, tu sais, wiz dipain poule tout sa dan parking :P

  7. Sup kushie??

    Hmmm nice post. We really get to know what you did today.. LOL

    You are right about religious ceremonies. People dont respect you there. And they even get mad when the queue is long. And the light camphor even if its written that one should not do this.

  8. hapi bday doggie kushie!
    mo p mazine toi ki p seye fer ene reportage camera cachee dan gbassin la. lol lol lol.
    kan to dir ki dimune profiter pou beg dan sa genre situation la sa rapel moi kitsoze: lot fois la kan mo p sorti kfc mo truv ene madame p beg devan, ahem. ek ossi mc do. ek pire enkor, devan atm labanque...

  9. Jai, yeah it's a shame but it won't stop so soon. It's been going on for years.

    Yashvin, je vois. :) wai kan 1 prototype sorti pou bne toutou mo pou aster 1 pou li.

    Jev, yeah! i felt like all people cared about it to pray more and better than other people... weird

    Keli, waaai... zot partout. ek zot coner kot atm zot pou ena pli sanse gagne kitsoz. c ki mo pa conten enkor c bne ki vini dan bis ek zot persister ek dimune pou done zot kitsoz

  10. So what were you celebrating? Was it Christmas and could you get presents? I like the Westernized present-getting religion :D It benefits you more ;)

  11. I've heard that there were A LOT of people at Grand-Bassin for the pilgrimage this Sunday. Over 10,000 cars! :o Now imagine the traffic jam.

    I enjoyed my last visit at Grand-Bassin. It was some years ago and a friend from abroad wanted to go there. We planned an outing and the sacred lake was among the places to visit.
    Oh yeah I remembered there were many monkeys around.Hihhiii

  12. Kushie is ADORABLE! Happy birthday!

  13. Dimun profiter lor tou zafer... fouf :| Bonne fete morinnn :) And happy birthday little doggieeee!

  14. happy birthday to your kushie, your recent pilgrim remind me of the holy week here in the Philippines, I wish I could also go join pilgrims but I think I have to go home...