Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Independence Day, our way...

Yesterday was awesome, everything went as planned. I can say with full assurance that it was the best Independence Day I've ever had! razz OK, for those who haven't understood what it's all about, we had a sort of picnic yesterday, was at Baie du Tombeau, somewhere near a tree, rocks and the sea. The event had been planned some weeks ago but I was fearing that it would never occur. But it did! :P

I was supposed to cook something but since I was kind of taken up the previous day I made some sort of tortillas with chicken and mushrooms. The other foods were awesome. OK, this is sounding more and more like a kid's essay.

To end this I'd say that it was a totally crazy day, the kind of day you wish could come everyday! hihi! I haven't got photos of the day but you can check out at Rooch and Keli's place for pics.

So long dudettes and dudes and my independent aliens. I'm looking forward to the next independence day! Yayy!

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  1. Oh, what a lovely day. We had a storm :( The freaking wind, almost blew me away. Stupid wind.

    But back to you, tortilla sounds awesome. And it did sound a bit like a kid's essay, but that's cool, since kids are cool. Well, you're a bit too young of course for kids, but, wait. I'm going shut up now. :D

  2. Yeah. Nice party. There was a Blue Cyclone too. In fact I shall add that all the food were either red, blue, yellow or green (Colors of the Mauritian flag).

  3. Manico, aargh a storm, was it a public holiday? :P Yeah you're right! kids are cool! :P

    Jev, yeah the 4 colors were awesome! hihi! we did it! :P

  4. It sounds like a fun day! Happy independence day. ;*

  5. hehe wow ena 3 official version of the day on the blogosphere la! now now i am feeling very important!
    if only the guys would blog too, that would make 6 posts, like the most eventful event of the year!
    happie indie dai!

  6. hey hey heyyy
    we had such a nice time
    the food was soooo yummyyyyyy!
    and the blue cyclone tasted damn good!
    we should organise these parties more often i guess.

  7. You make me miss the good old times. These parties.

    It was quite a party I guess

  8. hihi! yup it was an awesome party! :P

    keli, et wi koi finalment la fete ine vine 1 common theme! :P

    rooch, wai nu bizin met 1 lot plan soon!

    neelesh, hmm organise 1 party dan vacance! :D

  9. great picture! i know the place, taken near terre rouge innit?

  10. looks fun and ewww at the puke. :P

  11. Hey looks like you spent a great day! Nice party, eh?
    Happy independence day!

  12. No, no holiday here. We don't celebrate the Mauritian independence for some reason :D

    I just had to get to uni, but it was hard to get there coz I kept being blown aback by the wind. But today looks a bit better, less wind and stuff. :D

  13. nash, yup near terre rouge, exactly.

    usha, yeah i know, can't believe i did that...

    meghna yeah it was a great day! :D

    manico, i did not mean a holiday cause of the Mauritian indie day, I meant coz of the storm! :P hihi

    ropi, great! i could celebrate that as well, when is it? XD

  14. No no, our storms aren't big nor powerful anough to declare a holiday. Our storms aren't much stronger than a weak tropical storm with you guys. Just lots of rain and gusts up til 120 kms/h, that are our storms.