Saturday, 8 March 2008

Oh great! It won't ever stop...

About that thing that I did yesterday, I can't tell you now. It'll be out in a week or so, maybe less than that, so you'll definitely get to know. All I gotta say was that it went great and I was quite comfortable with the questions. mrgreen

Right now I'm having a terrible screen problem. My laptop screen is dimming and my monitor is omitting reds, that is I'm seeing the world in blues and greens only from my PC screen. This reminds you of a song? Oh well! I gotta fix that problem soon, cause my not so fabulous eyes won't be able to handle that for long.

Aah! so much for a boring Saturday dudettes and dudes and my anxious aliens. I gotta pimp my screens! Yayy! rolleyes

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  1. Questions? Have you been interviewed? By whom?

    Okay, so wait another week, i think i can manage. Or not :(

    Enjoy your Saturday and Sunday

  2. hehe omg i won't be able to wait moi! i wanna know i wanna know ;)
    eh to lecran, sa rapel moi mo lekran sof ki moi mo ti p truv ban trik en orange. arg.
    happi weekend! boring weekends are the best!!!

  3. Slt Morinn

    Congratz pou to interview ben mo truver tne in preserve surprise la :)


    Ben dmain lire Week End zot tou... pou kner lol

  4. ^^ ah moi mo ti ena ene lecran ki kan li ti p gagne hoquet li ti rose alors ti bizin done li 2-3 clak pu li revine normal, aster mone abandonne li li ti pa gagne trop souvent hoquet:p

  5. mais c koi ce mystere?
    moi mo tiena ene lecran ki ti vine kouler bleu ek li ti mari fluuuu tou
    sanz to font! rapel? hihi

  6. I really want to know? You have been interviewed by week-end? pray tell :P

  7. Lets hope you get a new laptop. And you answered great... ;)

  8. I hope you have the problem with your screen fixed. This morning, I had to delete some applications and old files on my pc because it would just suddenly shut down intermittently. I was told it was a problem with RAM. Anyways, I am not so techie but I think I just did the right thing, hehehe.