Sunday, 23 March 2008

Rainy sunday

Rainy days make me wanna sleep or take baths or drink lots of water cause I can't stand humidity. Humidity is boring, it lacks peps and it makes everyone look gloomy and that's how I am right now, gloomy... I went to see my grandma today, brought flowers and stuff, got pissed off at people for being people and returned home wishing the rain could stop and that damned sun could come out, because the day is called Sunday for a reason right?

About my room, I bought paint and accessories yesterday. I haven't found the time to paint and decorate though. I chose the most inappropriate time to want a change in my room. I think the change will come later, when I have like 24 hours of liberty per day, now that can be fun!

Right now I'm off to cook some fettuccine with a sauce I very much adore. Damn! I wish I could be cheerful right now.

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  1. ouch, people for being people. now now this world was lacking some good humongous sarcasm.
    want to cheer up?! check out this msn star battles thing about who's the sexiest men in rock and pop history, they get to put marilyn manson vs usher?! now i wonder who's the hottest on them two! huh.

  2. I hear ya. But here's hoping that the fettuccine cheered you up! :)

  3. moi mo contan la pli ^^ sauf kan bizin ale travail.

  4. We've got a bit of snow and it's already melting :(

    I love the getting angry with people for being people. It's so true :D

  5. Morinn hates the rain... Noted. lol

  6. hahahahaa....
    rain on SUNday,
    u r too goooooood morinn!

  7. I hate the rain, but it always rains on me :(

  8. lolz
    hating people for being people.. hehe so true.... rainy days make me gloomy ..:)...i hate humidity..... Try n stay cheerful always dear...


  9. i wont comment on the rainy weather, i know exactly how u feel
    but hey, cheer up!
    soon ur room's gonna be all new with new stuff
    just like mine!

  10. hihi, thanks for the comments people, they've cheered me up! :D

  11. Hey....Rainy days are really gloomy..sitting shut up in the house and staring out of the window wishing u cld be there!

    Let the sun shine and may u have great days ahead :D