Monday, 3 March 2008

Realisations break in.

The zeal is gone and I caught myself watching TV for more hours than what's good for me. I realised that Half Light, the movie, sucks... big time. Believe in the beyond, yeah really... Who the hell were they trying to kid when they made that movie? Hmm, that kid in the movie maybe? OK, I agree some parts of the movie were freaky, I was almost tempted to be scared but then when the ghosts started being friendly and helping out the main protagonist I knew that this movie was not meant for me. But I kept on watching, just in case... And the next thing I knew was that the movie was over and all's well that ends well. Crappy quote.

And now I'm waiting for my weekly dose of séance interdite when I could watch a great B-series movie without suffering the worst disappointment of my life.

And finally I've realised that a world without kohl is not a world for me to live in. I gotta buy an eyeliner real soon.

So much for the realisations dudettes and dudes and my surprised aliens, my TV is feeling lonely. See ya'll.

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  1. Ah zamais mone guete sa film la..apres ce ki tone ecrire mo pena lintention ale guet li...euh mane ghosts la pas Casper ça?

  2. lol! non pas ti Casper sa. O moin si ti Casper mo ti pou compren!! hihi

  3. :O Movies and me, not a good pair :p M guet zis fim zenfant moi :blush: :P Not that I'd go watch that movie though :p It seems like crap xD And... May you enter the world with kohl soon :p

  4. let the power of the kohl be with you ^^

  5. Nussaibah, yeah the movie was terrible! hihi! Yeah I hope I have the support of Kohl soon! :P

    Dee, hihi thanks! :P

  6. Watch documentaries and then you spend your time wisely.

  7. Watch documentaries and then you spend your time wisely.

  8. mo pa met khol
    mo pane guet ha fim la
    mo pa guet tle non plu
    mais mo guet bleach!

  9. g mal ekri 'kohl'
    merde mo telma pa met sa ki mo mem pa koner kouma ekrir li

  10. Is this supposed to be a post? :lol:

    At least its better than being post less like me :P

  11. Thanks for the advice Ropi, I don't think I would have ever thought of that. Woah!

    Rooch, wai ca se voit ki to pa met sa.

    slasher, wai ki pou fr! mo ti mat ek mone ecrir 1 truk koi.

  12. film pourri. on peut rien y faire

  13. A bad movie just totally sucks the donkey. *le sigh*

  14. lol
    mo kontan bane posts kumsa!!!
    hehe totally useless mai telma komik.
    euh weh aster ki mo p penser zamer(?) mone truv toi san kohl?

  15. usha, wai bof, pa kav fr narien!!

    mamageek, hihi!! yeah!

    keli, wai c vrai, zamai mone sorti dehors sans kohl, c 1 partie integrale de moi sa

  16. Make your own movies :) I've always wanted to do that, but I never write good scripts to like film, since I always want to blow up everything on the end and that's too expensive for my budget :D

  17. Ahh morinn and her movies. You should talk more often about that.. You always watch a lot of movies. :u And your sense of narration is legen... wait for it... dary!!