Sunday, 30 March 2008

That toe.

After almost a week of blogging silence most probably in respect to those dead in those rains I'm back with a short note/update which is totally unimportant to you but so very important for me: I've got a terrible toe ache. By that I mean that my toe is aching. My right toe most precisely. It is aching as hell and I feel terribly bad. Come to think of it, I feel terribly ridiculous writing this here but hell I needed a comic relief. I think you needed one too. Anyway, so long dudettes and dudes and my aching aliens. I'm going to turn on the lights and have a closer look of that toe. Oh my! Wish me luck.

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  1. la glace d'abord (anesthesier li), apres thermogene (apres dodo).
    check if you've fungus too - si ton ongle p change couleur, alle pharmacie et acheter Sporiline (around Rs. 100) and applique cela lor ongle la. li pou korek apres une ou deux semaine.
    mais la - passe to la pomade et pas frote sa toe la avec drat, et reste en place. pas etire toe la. relax.
    best toe-recovery wishes.
    i always thought you had roots. oh well, i guess in human form, you have toes. be well, mother nature.

  2. U did it good,tht pause is a good thing.
    for ur toe,get to see a doctor quick!
    Thanks a lot for givin us some much of ur time on this blog!
    take care

  3. What happened exactly to your toe?? Sounds serious.. You should see a doctor if its not getting better tomorrow..

  4. Hey it was good blog fodder if nothing else! Hope your back on your feet in no time. :)

  5. Well, if u're toe is swelling bcoz of the nails growing inside... then you'll have to cut it!


  6. Shah, thanks for the advice. li imper mieux la :D

    Kenny, thanks a lot. :D

    Jev, I was playing with Kushie and I knelt down and I stayed there for long. :$ That's what happened exactly. hihi

    MamaGeek, yeah I hope so too. :D

    Carrotmadman6, I gotta get a saw if it does not get better XD

  7. povre toi moo. keep us posted on that. muahahah, sounds interesting.

  8. LOL. That was a gr8 comic relief. You rock morinn. hope your toe is fine. btw post pictures of it. :P

  9. usha, hahaha, riye mo mem toi!

    Dee, a picture of my toe? hell no!!!!

  10. lol, post la top net :)

    ya, to ena raison, u feel much much better after blogging, its as if u r talking to someone, or thousands of potential visitors.

  11. poor you. i hope you feel better now. ;)

  12. hehe. is that an april fool post? now i know why everyone was talking about toes

  13. I thought you'd be coming with a photo of your toe when I read the title ROFL

    I got a numbed toe after a drinking session lol

    It took 3 weeks for it to become Ok :P

  14. Hey Morrinn,
    Ooppss...sorry but I really can't suppress a giggle :D
    Hope your toe gets well soon! Don't give it too much trouble and have rest!

    Keep writing and blogging and making me laugh! LOL!

  15. whoops.... get well soon...hw did it happen..u banged ur toe on sumthing by mistake or what..i have a sprained nakle today too...lolz..n we lost the fotbal match during which we got its pains even more..ouchhhh

    hehe...get well soon


  16. Lol, poor toe. Was it the big one, or one of the smaller toes?

  17. Yashvin, wouep, c sa l'aspect therapeutic de blogging :D

    Bhavish, yeah i'm really better now! :D

    nash, havent been able to do a proper april fool. I guess I'm getting old

    ropi, thanks :D is that an order? hihi

    keli, yup taking care now xD

    slasher, woah 3 weeks! :P nope didn't post a picture I hate scaring people or making them laugh too much xD

    meghna, I'm happy you enjoyed the funny part of the situation. now that I'm feeling better reading this once again is funnier.

    samby, it was a sort of sprain for mine too. awww I'm sorry for your football match.

    Manico, it was the big one! and it hurt like hell. I'm happy it's ok now

  18. get a saw...he he..dat terible it was??