Thursday, 6 March 2008

Yet again...

There's nothing better than an appointment with unknown people to make you feel conscious as hell. Like what if I have a bad hair day? Or what if I look all sweaty? What if they decide that I'm not the right one for this? Or what if what I write is not good enough?

Aargh, so much thoughts are nagging me these days. I've even lied down with potato slices on my eyes during the day. I'll never be able to make it, really. But if I did... IF I did, I'll let you know about it and you can be happy for me or mad at me for not telling you about it. Whichever the case it'll be great if it happened.

Oh yeah I know, whatever I said does not make sense now. It'll be in the near future. You'll know about it. And for now, so much for my secrets dudettes and dudes and my curious aliens. Now that I've told you guys about it, I'm feeling much better. Hihi... Now I understand why some call this therapy. You were so damn right!

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  1. Hey quand on veut on peut ^^...c'est tout ce que je peux dire.

  2. Dont worry, everything will be fine. And you will do it. I'll drag you there, if need be. LOL

  3. Don't worry Moo. you've been waiting for so long. nt gonna freak out now are you? Jev yah! drag her there if need be.

  4. omg sounds mysterious.
    can't wait to know more abt that...
    merd to p al zwen j.k rowling?!

  5. i know how u feel
    mais am sure tou pou passe bien
    n let us know how it went!

  6. bad hair day? WLOL. No need to worry about hair unless you're meeting me WLOL.

    I'll quote La Pingouine:
    "Hey quand on veut on peut ^^...c'est tout ce que je peux dire."

  7. Me so wanna know now. What's you going to do? Jevin, inform us! :D

  8. Manic dude, she's been on a secret mission today. Well she's been on two actually, but only the first concerns this post. We'll let you know in the coming weeks. The suspense goes on... And on...

  9. making sense is relative so some must understand you

  10. Com'on inform us. We can't handlle the suspense. We'll be visiting your blog every hour to see if you've posted the mission yet. I don't want to become obsessive ;)

  11. thank you for ur comment on my blog