Sunday, 9 March 2008

You worship your imagination...

The title says it all. No, I am not opening war with all those who believe in God but sometimes I'm just pissed off, especially when I see those around me who pray day and night and have tremendous respect for the great beyond and at the same time treat fellow human beings like slaves or meaningless fungi.


  1. You got a great point. Sometimes those preachers and praying folks should listen to what they are preaching and praying.

  2. I love you honey... Be strong...

  3. Oops. I meant always practise what you preach.

  4. Manico, yup they should try to understand what they're saying first...

    Jev, lol! love you too...

    Yan, I'll do it! :D Sure...

    Ropi, good for you! :P

  5. hehe. so very true.
    sometimes these things are so selfish. i mean, why won't they try help the poor or the orphans instead?! that would take the same amount of energy and time, and at least it means something...

  6. yeah
    ban dimoune fer lapriere dans vide
    zot prier 50000 bondieux
    ek zot fer lezot dimoune soufer
    c nimporte kwa sa!

  7. Maybe you are just feeling a little more sensitive than usual. I'm sure things will look different soon. You have a point though... we should always care.

  8. lol, bienvenue o club :P

    u r not alone in this world!

  9. You are totally right when you say this and I cannot but agree with you.

  10. Those who believe in God should be good to others as well. praying means being good

  11. You have a great point here Morinn. i knw just how you feel. :(

  12. in fact you just know how to express yourself and that's great with you. You know, i totally understand this and I can say that in brahmin families all we see are hypocrites. rarely have i seen any genuine pious person.

  13. I don't know who are those people you're talking about but when this happens to me I just ignore them. It's not some stupid preachers who're going to ruin my mood.
    Happy Independance Day! :)

  14. keli, wouep c vrai enplis! zot amerde dimune pou narien :(

    Rooch wai fran! ena tou kaliter varieter bondier! hihi

    I don't know if things will look different soon but till now nothing has changed.

    Yashvin, it's good to know that ;)

    Rakesh, thanks for passing by

    Steff exactly!

    Dee, yeah it's revolting...

    Slasher God Bless! :P

    Avesh, yeah and that's an issue in itself, hmmph...

    Rubeina, yeah ignoring them might work better than stressing myself because of that. You're right! Happy Independence day! :D

  15. I think you are putting too much stress on God - poor thing.

    God is a concept; God is just part of religion; Worshiping God is just a religious practice; Believing in God is just a religious rule - try to assimilate this and you will see that God is a simple representation of the perfect human being, but it is religion that makes it seem complicated and overwhelming.

    The concept behind God applies to non-believers as well. You might not practice religion but you still adhere to certain moral values. Those moral values are a reflection of the perfect self (the good person you can be). Everything you do, your actions and thoughts, are guided by that desire to attain your perfect self.

    You can therefore think of your perfect self as your God or vice versa, and this is basically what all religions have at their core, but most religious people cannot figure this out as it is just so simple and straightforward that they feel it is a joke - their mind cannot make simple associations as it was not trained to think by itself, but to be told what to think.

    Anyway, all this just to sum up that it is religion you should be pissed off at, not poor good old God.

  16. Thanks for the feedback Shaan Cheekhooree.

  17. I don't know who are those you are talking about but my interpretation is that you are talking about preachers. you know i have always believed that those who preach too much and give themselves too much importance are always the worst of them. true religious persons should not adopt the holier than thou attitude.

  18. @ Shaan Cheekhooree, Morinn did not put that much stress on God. All I see is that she is mad at PEOPLE who pray and have great respect for God but who at the same time treat other people badly. She did not say anything about God. Think you should read the post more closely.

  19. @ Usha

    In case you are taking this ‘stress’ thing seriously, let me assure you that it was just meant as a pun. Sorry if I did not make it clear enough.

  20. Yannick, well exactly, it's the "holier than thou" attitude and the fact that they judge others too much that often kind of gets me mad.

    Scribbler, thanks :P keep rolling too!