Thursday, 24 April 2008

Hell Revival Metal Concert Laribluz

There'll be a metal concert this Saturday at Laribluz Pub, Curepipe at noon. Be sure to be there dudettes and dudes and my rolling aliens if ever you're in Mauritius. It's gonna be great. ;)

Here's the poster:

Jev and I are gonna be there and I'll be posting pictures after the event. :P

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Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Earth Day 2008

I was going through Teenuja's blog and found this awesome post where I learned that yesterday was Earth Day. As she rightly mentioned in her post, everyday should be Earth Day as we cannot thank the Earth enough for everything that it gives to us. So here goes, my own little tribute to Earth, the vegetable garden.

The gate to the vegetable garden is quite friendly with a bitter gourd vine.

The vegetable garden, I know it needs weeding. :$

A mini aubergine.

A very rustic tap and some bitter gourd flowers.

A chili tree with chilies. :D

A small banana tree.

curry leaves. They smell awesome.

butterflies roaming here and there.


That was a little garden tour. This has reminded me that I need to find the time to weed the garden before it turns into a real jungle, but it's been worse. Especially after the huge rains so I can still hope I'll make it look like a real vegetable garden soon.

So much for the garden dudettes and dudes and my green aliens. I'm off to make some coconut chutney. Yummy.

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Saturday, 19 April 2008

Too much orange kills the orange

orange at UOM
Orange used to be one of my favourite colors until, a company of the same name as the color came to settle here bringing with it a massive publicity campaign which aims at letting every single person in Mauritius know that it is here, THE big orange!
Now everywhere I go I see orange sticking up my nose in the form of horrible orange cubes, horrible orange stickers and horrible orange banners. I've had enough of orange. They are blowing this whole "coming to Mauritius thing" out of proportion. It's not like we did not have a decent mobile network before or that they are here to save us from technological doom. From what I've read so far nothing greatly positive can be expected from them.
orange in bazar

orange in the bazaar

Anyway above is an image taken from a bazaar which sells mainly vegetables and foodstuff, and it was to no surprise when old ladies came there asking where's the mega sale of oranges held.

Aah so long dudettes and dudes and my pissed-off-at-orange aliens. Right now it's 3:49 AM. I can't believe I'm still up!

Related and more technical stuff:
Orange ADSL's Fair Usage Policy - the stab in the back!
Orange is here, your connection suffers!

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Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Exit rice, enter potato.

There's a good reason why this year is the international year of the potato, especially to us Mauritians. What with the super raise in the price of rice, we are compelled to adopt alternative eating habits and I must say that this is not such a bad thing. After all, cutting down our consumption of rice can only mean good to us, considering the alarming number of diabetes cases in the country.

Replacing rice by potato in a diet can have many advantages like combating obesity, keeping diabetes in control and improving the overall health of the population.

Of course, the way of cooking the potato matters; fried potato chips for dinner would not be really beneficial to the health. :D We'll now have to learn several derivations of the mashed potato recipe and I guess eating homemade stuff would be more appropriate from now on.

Initially it might be hard to give up on rice but in the long run you'll get used to it. It's a personal experience; I'm about to celebrate my third week without rice. Yayy!

Finally, if you see a future of potato-eating quite gloomy, there's still breads and our irreplaceable faratas.

Now let's just leave the rice for rare briyanis and fried rice and let's adopt the potato (not couch potato) attitude.
Aah! So long dudettes and dudes and my conscious aliens. I'm off to cook some potatoes.

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Tuesday, 15 April 2008

30/30-150 - Stone Sour

I had prepared a very aggressive post where I had quoted Stone Sour and used a lot of swear words to send a message to some particular persons and then I thought hell it's not worth it. Really. Cause usually when I let out how I feel about people, I regret it afterwards. Yeah I'm too nice sometimes. Triple duh!

But anyway, I'll quote Stone Sour and will just say that I dedicate this song to all the skeptics out there. Without you the world would have been a completely different place. Thank you for existing. Hihi... So here goes, lyrics and video.
They called us a dead generation, they told us that we wouldn't survive
They left us alone in the maelstrom
As you can see we're all clearly alive
We know where you are and were coming
Lets see you say that shit to our face

I am a dominant gene- Live as I die
Never say forever cause forever's a lie
I can see right through it so I can ignore you
The story changes but the ending won't bore you

I tried to tell you but you simply obeyed
They didn't listen so they threw you away

Now all you do is talk - I don't wanna hear your bullshit
Is this what you want?!

This is where it begins
This is where it ends
This is where it begins
And this is where it ends

They called us a dead generation, they told us that we wouldn't survive
They left us alone in the maelstrom
As you can see we're all clearly alive
We know where you are and were coming
Lets see you say that shit to our face

30/30-150 Remembers 30/30-150 HATES

In my own peculiar way I feel mercurial
Before I get ahead of myself again
I know the where but I still don't know the when

You wanna live in a one sided world
Be prepared for a whole world of hurt
Now it's the grand facade
I dont want to be an angel
I just want to be GOD

They called us a dead generation, they told us that we wouldn't survive
They left us alone in the maelstrom
As you can see we're all clearly alive
We know where you are and were coming
Lets see you say that shit to our face

30/30-150 Remembers 30/30-150 HATES (HATES)

I am a fucking machine fueled by the past
Memory's a memory until it's a fact
I can bury the hatchet and let some shit go
But I got too many grudges to hold!

I Saw a lot of people die in the end
I never want to walk that road again
Now I will never give up
I don't want to have it all, I JUST WANT TO HAVE ENOUGH

This is where it begins
This is where it ends
This is where it begins
And this is where it ends

They called us a dead generation, they told us that we wouldn't survive
They left us alone in the maelstrom
As you can see we're all clearly alive
We know where you are and were coming
Lets see you say that shit to our face

Aargh so much for my monthly therapy dudettes and dudes and my shaken aliens. I'm heading for a long bath.


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Saturday, 12 April 2008

In the papers

You remember when I was saying that I had to meet some unknown people for an interview. It was in fact an interview for the Mauritian newspaper, Le Mauricien. The article is about blogging in Mauritius, how it is done, its purpose, advantages, etc... This article involved mostly me, Jevin, Keli and the mysterious founder of the Mauritian Blog Brethren. It was fun to give the interview and thrilling to see its result today.

I'm not going to pretend I'm a star and be all pretentious suddenly. It could have been anyone out there. I was just lucky enough to have been contacted.

The article is in French and for further details you can check out GeekScribes who were the first to notice it (thanks Inf for letting us know :D) or this thread on the MBB forum where Jess has posted a transcript of the article or the Media Guru's post on the article.

P.S: My picture turned out to be really horrible but I'm not complaining. Really! :D So long dudettes and dudes and my excited aliens. A horror movie is calling me.

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Thursday, 10 April 2008

Weird Photography Part 2

After my first post on the golden age of weird photography many people (OK it was just the voices in my head) have asked me to post weird and freaky pictures I might have in my gallery. So without further delay, here they are:

sleeping cat

Cute you'd say? It looks like the cat has hands...


Only the author of this masterpiece can enlighten us on its purpose. ;)

halloween ghost

Seen on the eve of Halloween, the auditorium toilet ghost. A major characteristic: the fake smile.

weird tree

This tree is weird, to say the least...

drawer with feets

When drawers have feet.

freaky doll

I got her when I was 10. I'm still trying to find out who ruined my birthday...

Anyway, take care dudettes and dudes and my freaky aliens. I'm off for some really well-deserved sleep.

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Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Hare Sightings

These are images of the rare hare sightings at the place where I live. Images taken by Jevin while constantly put under stress by me, quite understandable I'd say.

I know it's not as impressive seen on image as it was seeing it in front of me but this has really marked me.

Anyway so long dudettes and dudes and my hairy aliens. :D
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Sunday, 6 April 2008

My Day in letters

I am supposed to write on letters, don't ask me why. :P So here's a summary of my day in letters! haha!

A for Aqua.
I had lots of water today and strangely I can't have enough.

B for boring.

C for Cat.
My cat is mad at me again. I always fail to understand why.

D for Disease.
It's influenza in fact.

E for Elephant.
Go figure.

F for Face.
Can't stop looking at it.

G for Grass.
It was irrigated today.

H for House.
Can't stop loving it.

I for I can't believe it.
I can't believe I'm doing this.

J for Jevin.
I've got a superb crush on you. :S (He's gone camping, he won't read this. :P)

K for Kamelot.
where's my CD?

L for Litres.
As in litres of water.

M for Morina.
It has always been. :D

N for No.
Say no to maize and chicken.

O for Opressed
My mum rules my life.

P for Pissed off.
Pissed off at Middlesbrough.

Q for Quasi.
Caught up between totally and not at all.

R for Rice.
1 week without it. Yay!

S for Silly
Feeling silly.

T for Tranquility.
I desperately need it.

U for Unanimous.
This word was invented for a reason.

V for Vanity.
Can't escape it.

W for War.
It's cold and useless.

X for Xoro.
That printer/fax machine or whatever.

Y for You.
Who are you? :P

Z for Zou.
She has a unique way of talking and she is just a dog. :P

Aargh dudettes and dudes and my shocked aliens, I still can't believe I did this. Will it change something if I said I'm under medication. Huh?

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Thursday, 3 April 2008

Lemons of wrath

I am emotionally attached to my lemons and lemon trees. It's an unexplainable and totally weird feeling but it's that way, I can't help it. Every time someone tries to approach my lemon trees I feel nervous.

Now yesterday I came to know that some kids stole lemons from my tree and no need to say that I was angry, firstly because they could have asked. Of course, I would have said no, but they would have had the great feeling of having been polite. Secondly because I know they are going to sell those lemons or do something weird with them, as I doubt they were actually planning a pitcher of chilled lemon juice. Duh!

Now now people will call me of all names saying how cruel I am for not letting people pick lemon from my trees. I am not that mean. Once an old lady was passing by and offered me ten rupees for 4 lemons, and I gave them to her freely. OK, I know that won't give me a place next to Mother Theresa, wherever she might be, but that sure made you think I am relatively nice, huh?

Something has got to be done to prevent future lemon thefts and I'm off to trim my lemon trees and count my lemons. So long dudettes and dudes and my crazy aliens.

P.S: My toe is fine. :D

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