Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Earth Day 2008

I was going through Teenuja's blog and found this awesome post where I learned that yesterday was Earth Day. As she rightly mentioned in her post, everyday should be Earth Day as we cannot thank the Earth enough for everything that it gives to us. So here goes, my own little tribute to Earth, the vegetable garden.

The gate to the vegetable garden is quite friendly with a bitter gourd vine.

The vegetable garden, I know it needs weeding. :$

A mini aubergine.

A very rustic tap and some bitter gourd flowers.

A chili tree with chilies. :D

A small banana tree.

curry leaves. They smell awesome.

butterflies roaming here and there.


That was a little garden tour. This has reminded me that I need to find the time to weed the garden before it turns into a real jungle, but it's been worse. Especially after the huge rains so I can still hope I'll make it look like a real vegetable garden soon.

So much for the garden dudettes and dudes and my green aliens. I'm off to make some coconut chutney. Yummy.

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  1. I heart the lovely tap, it looks so "campagnard" :P

  2. ^^ et oui c'était la journée de la Terre hier :)...on la maltraite mais elle ne se plaint pas :(...chez moi y'a pas grand chose comme plantes et il n'y a pas de jardin. N'empêche j'essaie de ne pas la polluer cette bonne vieille terre...:) nice tribute.
    Ps : can i have some coconut chutney ? ;p avec ene bon ti carri masala :)

  3. but i thought only lemon tress were ur responsibility...??

  4. Wow! Some nice veggies you've got there! I wished I have a bitter gourd plant, they're my favourite vegetable, especially in curries.

  5. Usha, yup i heart it too :P

    Jess, yeah 1 zour kan nu mit pou 1 mbbq mo amene imper coconut chutney :P mo esperer mo mama fr 1 cari masala tanto, kapav acompagne li ensam :P

    Samby, it's not a responsibility as such. I love gardening and we've got several gardens at home; flower gardens, fruit gardens, vegetable gardens. The lemons are just part of it. ;)

    LovlieButterfly, my sister loves bitter gourds as well and she asks me to grow some of them. It's nice when you can have fresh vegetables from the garden anytime. :D

  6. Nice butterflies. :p I really like your vegetable garden. Its got this naturally grown feel to it. And that is awesome. :u

  7. Would I be a real bastard to talk about camera angles here? ;)

  8. Jevin, yup in fact some stuff have grown on their own, like the papaya and guava trees. But I did not photograph em. :P

    Sutta, hell yeah! You'd be a real bastard!

  9. Ha! Praise the lord, honesty as well.:)

    Anyways, I feel content to know that I am not the only 'fuck' lover. :|
    Just to let you know, there's another blog as well.


  10. hey what a nice veggie garden. like jevin said there's a veri nice natural grown feel to it. i so want one too. it'll be very useful.

  11. All those cool vegetables. I couldn't even imagine having a chili plant here. And the banana tree is so cute coz it's so small.

  12. oh veggies!
    dont like eating them
    but they look cool in ur garden, they look cool everywhere except on my plate
    nice garden!

  13. Sutta yeah I've noticed the other one too and I'm giving it a read. :D

    keli, good luck with the gardening project in the holidays. make some homemade compost too, it'll be great.

    manico, yeah the banana tree is really mini and the chili are really hot! we got like 8 trees like this

    rooch, lol, i think they look cooler in tree too :P hihi

  14. Definitely a very Eart Day worthy post.
    I also read your Orange post - like your writing style
    Happy NaBloPoMo

  15. where iz ur lemon tree :O

    I have a slogan too for ya
    save the lemons of morinn and save the earth :P

  16. hey those snaps from ur garden....

    lots of vegetables i guess...

  17. hey hows ur lemon tree...its safe from theievs i guess....lolss

  18. yeah true... nice tribute to planet earth... liked it
    Tc.. have a fab weekend and enjoi the rock concert..

  19. Now that was cool stuff. Good that u tribute these pics. Good pics. A smile for u :)

  20. Kt moi, pna place pu ene ti pied... *jealous* <_<

  21. hey, do you know taht you coul eat the bitter gourd leaves? you could include them in a hearty soup recipe. they don't taste as bitter as the fruit, though. try the leaves with a pea or bean soup of any kind. by th way, we call the fruit "Ampalaya" here in the Philippines. and we eat the fruit by sauteeing it with shrimp juice and pork mincemeat.

  22. Great! I love your posts with the label:

    Craft & Gardening since this is my favourite hobby! Cool, have something in common :D