Sunday, 6 April 2008

My Day in letters

I am supposed to write on letters, don't ask me why. :P So here's a summary of my day in letters! haha!

A for Aqua.
I had lots of water today and strangely I can't have enough.

B for boring.

C for Cat.
My cat is mad at me again. I always fail to understand why.

D for Disease.
It's influenza in fact.

E for Elephant.
Go figure.

F for Face.
Can't stop looking at it.

G for Grass.
It was irrigated today.

H for House.
Can't stop loving it.

I for I can't believe it.
I can't believe I'm doing this.

J for Jevin.
I've got a superb crush on you. :S (He's gone camping, he won't read this. :P)

K for Kamelot.
where's my CD?

L for Litres.
As in litres of water.

M for Morina.
It has always been. :D

N for No.
Say no to maize and chicken.

O for Opressed
My mum rules my life.

P for Pissed off.
Pissed off at Middlesbrough.

Q for Quasi.
Caught up between totally and not at all.

R for Rice.
1 week without it. Yay!

S for Silly
Feeling silly.

T for Tranquility.
I desperately need it.

U for Unanimous.
This word was invented for a reason.

V for Vanity.
Can't escape it.

W for War.
It's cold and useless.

X for Xoro.
That printer/fax machine or whatever.

Y for You.
Who are you? :P

Z for Zou.
She has a unique way of talking and she is just a dog. :P

Aargh dudettes and dudes and my shocked aliens, I still can't believe I did this. Will it change something if I said I'm under medication. Huh?

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  1. So sweet! :P I think Jevin knows about the crush. Really! :P I thought for U it would be me :(

  2. heyaa

    thanks for stopin by my blog:)

    uv got a nice blog here
    we surely come back:)


  3. Pissed off at Middlesbrough? Why? What did Middlesbrough do to you?

  4. who am i?
    i still am pondering over that.
    but who are you, you?
    i liked that post!

  5. X for Xoro.
    That printer/fax machine or whatever.

    is that xerox that u mean to say ???

    hmm n hws jevin huh ???hehe???


  6. I think our cats would be great friends (or enemies) - mine dislikes me too! :)

  7. Jevin, the one on the forum?

  8. week without rice! i have to avid it too. i had yesterday. hopefully by next monday i would have achieved that too

    cute post

  9. wonderful post! ^^ I hope your influenza is fine!
    And about Middlesbrough I think it's because of the football match against Manchester United?

  10. Your Kamelot cd is at my place. I'll give it back to you tomorrow. If I find it. :u

    :$ thanks for the crush. I love you honey. You're the best. :P

    Btw nice post. I like the idea. Hmmm.

  11. At least you did in English and not in Hungarian. We have 42 letters.

  12. Eutaah ush, next time I'll devote the U to you :P

    Aditi, thanks. :D

    Manico, it's there football club that I'm pissed at :( They played too well last night.

    Keli, me, I'm no one, just a blow in the wind hihi

    Samby, no it's xoro, a brand of fax machine :D

    MamaGeek, ooh yeah they could be friends! :P That's for sure.

    Dalia, yup it's Jevin, the one on the forum :D

    Dipti, yeah! Since the price of rice is rising in Mauritius, I've decided to cut it. hihi

    Dee, yeah the influenza is fine and yup I meant the football match.

    Jev, no worries about the CD :P Love you too hun! hihi

    Ropi, yeah 42 alphabets is really something!! :O

  13. c for cat!
    maybe ur kitty is hungry
    mine is not eating since yesterday
    they are all mad i guess


  14. O for Opressed
    My mum rules my life.


  15. Rooch, dunno he ate a lot today and yesterday! It might be that :P

    LovlieButterfly, thanks! :P

    Anon, yeah indeed. It's funny from someone else' point of view

  16. i was sure it would be him :D

  17. wat if j reads dis afterwards!! :)...gud for u nly...water mentioned twice??? :)..u surely cant get enuf of it...m manisha!!!!..