Saturday, 19 April 2008

Too much orange kills the orange

orange at UOM
Orange used to be one of my favourite colors until, a company of the same name as the color came to settle here bringing with it a massive publicity campaign which aims at letting every single person in Mauritius know that it is here, THE big orange!
Now everywhere I go I see orange sticking up my nose in the form of horrible orange cubes, horrible orange stickers and horrible orange banners. I've had enough of orange. They are blowing this whole "coming to Mauritius thing" out of proportion. It's not like we did not have a decent mobile network before or that they are here to save us from technological doom. From what I've read so far nothing greatly positive can be expected from them.
orange in bazar

orange in the bazaar

Anyway above is an image taken from a bazaar which sells mainly vegetables and foodstuff, and it was to no surprise when old ladies came there asking where's the mega sale of oranges held.

Aah so long dudettes and dudes and my pissed-off-at-orange aliens. Right now it's 3:49 AM. I can't believe I'm still up!

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Orange is here, your connection suffers!

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  1. How can a company hold the trademark for the word orange? It's an insane world.

  2. I wonder... But they are definitely showing off their trademark everywhere they go.

  3. heyaa

    we had orange soem while back in India, then it was takne over by Hutch who plstered the city with pick advertising broads n now its again taken over by vodafone who have put red boards :(
    its a over dose of red :(


  4. lol. what kills me is the orange color as background. how idiot. its a dumb as writing the word tee shirt on a tee shirt. actually that would be ironic.
    and they call it progress.

  5. we have a telecom operator named orange...
    if they bother much
    make a squash of them... :P

  6. Aditi, I think the same thing will happen here over the years. Sadly.

    Keli, waai fran... enplis wording "orange" la pa en orange. background la ki orange. mo croir bien ena 1 panel bne dimune super intelligent kine come up with that.. pff.. genre let's take an orange background and write orange on it woaah!

    day dreamer, yeah i'm buying an orange squasher today! :P

  7. Orange is here to stay. Li partout en Afrique. And the license fee that MT will have to pay is kept secret. I wonder how much it might be.

  8. heyyy "publish your comment" is written on an orange background. does that not remind u of something??
    mais eski tone trouv sa super hyper mega grand pub orange la lor nouvo batiment caudan?
    li pli grand ki mo lacour!!
    c le comble sa!

  9. Yea, Orange isn't the best mobile services in the world me reckons, but you have to admit they know how to do advertisement.

  10. yea..the same thing is happning with vodafone here.... red red all over ....on a single street u cab se about 12 -14 advertisements....

  11. Well, Orange definitely was the best cell phone service provider according to me. No irritating "I have an offer for you (my life sucks)" phone calls, no Smses asking questions a 2 year old can answer, no GPRS links about hot beauties being sent all the time. It was Orange all over at that time and we loved it.

    Then Hutch took over, and everything soon got Pink, followed by Vodafone who thought it appropriate to put up Red everywhere. Oof!

  12. i was hoping to come back to a country where cellplus still exists :(

  13. great pictures. i think orange does not have many fans here in mauritius :D

  14. ur having a go at controversial posts lately but i guess this is different cause every1 will say they hate orange.

    first because it's new and we hate the change for cell+ to something which is not-so-mauritian

    second because nothing extraordinary has been given to customers. we have just been shown gifts etc

    third because of the fair usage policy which is a little unconvenient for netizens.

    then the problem comes when most of the population uses the mobile service but only a few uses the internet service. so that would mean that the majority will overlook the poor internet service because they will be satisfied by the mobile service and thus they would see no harm in welcoming orange.

  15. hehe...u've written against orange...n i've written in favor of it...not exactly tho...i've written abt vodafone...but only about their commercials...:)

  16. Mwa totalment contre Orange if u ask me... I don't think we will get an important change in Broadband Speed/Costs... Orange p bouffe Mauritius Telecom... kel honte! Pa kner ki lareangement zot in fer r Orange mwa..


    Profits/Advertising = Orange
    Loss = MT, Mauitius

  17. Bon man cki p dir "service Orange" la first class sipa ki la.. c nek ene re-branding sa. Li toujours Cell+ nek nom changer.

  18. LOL Why oh why have such massive promotions on oranges?? :p

    Lets hope Orange will kick some serious s**t... \m/

    And hope they clean up their ads and stuff soon.

  19. irfaan, one thing's for sure, it might be very high :P

    rooch, wai mo trouve tou sa la 1 mega gachie moi! :S

    manico, lol yeah i doubt somewhere here has missed those banners. lol

    samby, i guess those companies spend half of their income in those adverts

    alok, in terms of mobile services they might be good but it seems that their internet services won't even be satisfactory.

    kervin, yeah! no to orange :P

    usha, povre toi... that may never happen

    dee, yeah it's quite obvious that they don't have much fans here. hihi

    avesh, great analysis! :D

    pj, yeah in terms of adverts they might be great but i'm afraid commercials wont keep customers happy

    roshan, wai to ena raison, pa pou ena em kit improvement!!

    Jevin, yeah they could at least respect the environment!!

  20. Morrin,

    I didn't know they provided internet services too!
    Well, that is a completely different ball game. :)

  21. i h4te orange. fuck off orange

  22. Beware,orange headquarters everywhere!!!
    mt replaced by orange,wht to come now cwa to banana?

  23. lol @ kenny!

    i saw vans with the orange banner/flag always everywhere i went today. wtf with that? they could have saved the money and done something constructive

  24. No way. That's just crazy. What's next? Dare I even ask.

  25. now its all read,vodafone and virgin...

    atlest u got a bit diff colour..lols


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  27. The lady asking for orange sales is AWESOME!!! Lol!

    Am in advertising and I have to admit that though I love watching tv more than just fed up with the orange one..1-2 months it was ok, but now cutting off your fav song on B4U to show the orange advert kills me!! Arrghh!!!

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