Thursday, 10 April 2008

Weird Photography Part 2

After my first post on the golden age of weird photography many people (OK it was just the voices in my head) have asked me to post weird and freaky pictures I might have in my gallery. So without further delay, here they are:

sleeping cat

Cute you'd say? It looks like the cat has hands...


Only the author of this masterpiece can enlighten us on its purpose. ;)

halloween ghost

Seen on the eve of Halloween, the auditorium toilet ghost. A major characteristic: the fake smile.

weird tree

This tree is weird, to say the least...

drawer with feets

When drawers have feet.

freaky doll

I got her when I was 10. I'm still trying to find out who ruined my birthday...

Anyway, take care dudettes and dudes and my freaky aliens. I'm off for some really well-deserved sleep.

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  1. well a good attempt to capture things at incidental moments. Good ones. Keep posting more dear.

  2. Thanks Abinash. It was just meant to entertain. ;)

  3. morin: but even entertainment is decided by brain. :)

  4. That doll is a bit creepy. If you go on a killing spree you can blame it on the doll telling you to do it.

  5. omg sooo cute the cat!
    heyyyyyyyy the second snap!!! am i the 'proud' author of this weird thing? lol lol
    that was a long time back eh?
    cant believe i used to do stupid stuff like that! lol
    ok the last one is freaky, i hate dolls :S

  6. AWW i heart dolls. i even heart heads of them more, like their head without their little bodies. grrrr so cute, i want to eat her.
    the myspace photo is the best, plus your mona lisa smile is rad morinn!!! muahhh

  7. Aww awww can't stop myself from awwwing seeing the cat :D too cute!

  8. "That doll is a bit creepy. If you go on a killing spree you can blame it on the doll telling you to do it."

    Absolutely agree whtn you dude. This is one freaky doll...

    And I know that tree and those legs. LOL You do the weirdest photography ever. :S

  9. man that cat really seems to have hands!!!... ehehe...its does not look looks cute in a way....

    n well fake smile..hmm.....try a real smile next time..anyway ione cannot make out if its real or fake unles u tell them.u can fool everyone except urself..;P

    and that dool.hhaha really go on a killing spree and blame it on her...or maybe just kick the doll a few times and throw it away.!!!

    nic share f u have more of em

  10. Ghost la wadir ene vrai ghost tou! To fer per ta!

  11. All I can say is that cat looks like he's sleeping while hanging on to his dear life. Too funny!

  12. he he nice snaps.....

    moriin u got akiller looks.....lols

  13. u jus have some grt collection..and it was a lovely tour thru ur gallery...

    bathroom ghost was more pretty than scary... :P..but the doll was really scarry :|

  14. he he - nice clicks.. love the one with the cat :-D and LOL @ fake smile...

  15. lol... hello everyone. the ghost is scary. who is this ugly ghost? :P

  16. ROFL @ the tree... original pictures. :P

  17. the doll's eyes....creepy... I never liked dolls. :P

  18. Greetings from Saudi Arabia. I found your blog through People in the Sun.
    Never met someone from Mauritius. I hear it is a very small Island (so small that everyone knows each other) and it is very multicultural.
    You'll see me around, snooping through your archives and asking you questions :)

  19. lol, those pictures were funny :D

  20. Thanks for the comments dudettes and dudes. ;)

    @ Dotsson, yeah it's a relatively small island, but not that small.

  21. Haha that's the first time I see a doll with a mole on her face :P

  22. That doll reminded me of that movie (I can't recall the name), which involved a psycho killer's soul trapped in a very similar looking doll!


    Hopefully this one wasn't as nasty.

    Weird photographs indeed.

  23. heyaaa

    nice n innovative snaps gal !!!]