Monday, 18 August 2008

Health Sponsors?

Bet you guys have noticed the big ad campaign for Maurilait or whatever claiming that you should have at least 3 dairy products a day and that's why Candia and Yoplait products are supposed to be good for you. Well I call that bullshit. Ever tasted a Candia milk or a Yoplait yoghurt? Apart from water I don't see what good is really present there.

So that's why I recommend you guys to buy Delight dairy products. Yes I was paid to say this. OK just kidding. Who would pay me to say something anyway? But hell I'm damn serious about the Delight thing. Buy it. Don't go with the lame ads on TV. That's the problem with us Mauritians anyway, we just can't stick to making good ads venting the merits of really good products, we just turn everything into a lame joke, with lame people doing some lame acting.

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Anyway all this to say that Delight products are made of real creamy milk with all the real benefits of milk. So buy it. :P

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  1. Hahahaha my mum likes Delight's products. They've got a cheese-yogurt thingy that she adores...

    Side Note: I loved to read that post. And I think that you should continue writing. :$ Love ya loads baby..

  2. ^^ seriously??? i don't like delight's products and yoplait hihi dont like things which are said to be good for my health. welcome back morinnnnn

  3. i prefer yoplait. delight is too enriched. i feel like they put lots of fat in it.
    hehe back and blogging about yoghurt?! this rocks. weird but cool :)

  4. Hi can we exchange links ?
    you got an awesome blog !

  5. plus i heard somewhere that yoplait is using some enzymes from beef to supposedly help young girls slim down :p though to what extent this is true i don't know, since i read that when i was reading about how to make non rennet cheese.

  6. You're back :D
    We've got tons of yoghurt products here too. I usually ignore them, I always go for chocolate mousse, so :D

    Good to see you back in action. And great to hear you've enjoyed the last couple of months living. Sometimes we need that, don't we?

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  8. I'm a fan of Candia *ducking behind keyboard* WLOL - dunno, I just like the taste better. Maybe my tongue is flawed. I need a hot girl to french kiss me in order to check if my tongue is flawed or not. Kidding.

    This post makes me want to type: "Moo! Moo!" WLOL

  9. I'm too accustomed with Yoplait's taste. And Mauritian ads really suck.

  10. Hey hi! I stumble upon your blog and I think it's awesome. I like the stuff you have covered. Can we exchange links?

  11. Morinn, I'm an on-and-off lurker here and a friend of Manictastic's. I tagged you for an easy, very easy meme at:
    This will give me incentive to visit you more if nothing else.
    The Review and Meme blog, where I tagged you is a distant second to my real blog, which is almost all fiction: Diary of a Heretic.

  12. hellloooo hybernating blogger, wake up... hmm, bann old bloggers la seems to be dead, mo p al wake up a few la moi... lack of role maybe..

    pfft, toi si to post vieu depi june 2008, wake up