Saturday, 16 August 2008

Oops... I did it again.

Sometimes in life you get to learn some lessons. It's not that I've learnt some lessons or that I've lived life, it's just that given the present circumstances, with all my absence from the blogging world(if ever there is one) and all this sentence sounds wise. :P

So if ever I had justify myself and find an excuse for my absence it would be simply that I was living. You know the phrase "get a life"? It won't be logical to anyone, unless they really start doing it; get a life, start living. Ah! such complicated notions! but yet if you get started, you'll see that real life is still the wonderful thing it used to be. The only bad side of it is that once you start talking about the joys of living, you start sounding like a preacher. :P

So I'll be damned if I did not leave you guys here.

But I'll be back...

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  1. Ahh life... Yes it is still the beautiful thing we knew...

    Good thing you posted something here, some people were worried and I was getting tired of saying "Rest assured, she's still alive!" lol

  2. lol ya, it was odd y u stopped blogging. Dont worry, there is a blogging world and you are here to keep it running...

  3. Happy Living then!
    maybe someday sometime you will find a reason to blog again...when this opportunity comes n you do act upon it, some of us will still be around to drop by...hopefully! :)

  4. thank god u r alive :P

    live life and blog a little :P

  5. So, you are still alive, and got yourself another lifestyle. Nice. How is your hair doing? How are your dogs? Cats? Any flower-related news? Morinn!!! Revive your mojo! Glad you're back though :) Be well.