Tuesday, 27 January 2009


Damn! My post signature is gone. I don't know what's up. Maybe it's cause I've been neglecting the blog for such a long time. Anyway, the craze is gone, weirdly. Maybe it's just cause I'm having a real life recently, doing real things, like treadmilling, hrming, pushing daisies and sandwiching (you've got to share the recipe Jev, lol). Strangely "sandwiching" is a real verb. Ha!

Well, I'm not saying that my life's a blast. But recently it's quite close to it. I'm having fun! Usually comeback posts are depressing. This one ain't.

And I've just realised I don't have anything else to say. So I'll leave you with those words ladies and gents and my colorful aliens (if ever you're still there). Might never know...


  1. Hehehe

    Yes we make best the sandwiches ever... But its got to be near the seaside.

    "Usually comeback posts are depressing. This one ain't."

    You are so right on this. Taking some time offline is not that tragic... Some people should try this. Haha

  2. yeah as hell! woooh. lol. love you :P

  3. Moi si mo still la... Tout le temps mo ti la anyways ;)

  4. Wow an update after so long. :)
    Taking time off blogging is good. I did so for a while but then i found that i missed writing. I've just added you to my google reader just in cas you decide to make a comeback. :) I liked your posts.

  5. Thinks the garden took all your time away from blogging:P

  6. merde mo enretard!
    haha welcome back! :)


  7. ah welcome back mo ti croire ki zamais pu ena ene post encore ici :p