Thursday, 26 February 2009

Yet again the SSRN bus station

Following the post I wrote more than a year back about the bus station that was being constructed near the SSRN hospital, here's some updates, with pictures. The bus station was completed last year in July with a total cost of 30 million rupees and those pictures were taken in August. The bus station is still as you it on those pictures, that is, not in use. There've been no changes yet regarding bus routes passing through the hospital. I guess NTA people are too busy going home at 2 p.m to care.

I'm starting to think that the bus station has been constructed with the purpose of serving as a monument rather than having any practical use. Oh! and people might be lost in all those weeds that have been proliferating there lately. Ah well! Hope in some years this place is inaugurated and it starts serving its purpose of facilitating the traffic flow in those routes.

I'm sick of passing by the hospital every single day of my life.

Edit (27/02/09): I got to know while listening to the radio today that an 11 year old student named Dhamina Hallomun met with an accident yesterday on a bus stop at Terre Rouge and as a result of which she's got her leg amputed. Another accident occurred wherein a women got several fractures which will keep her bed-ridden for 4 months.

I wonder if the NTA has got regulations for those type of accident. Remember Vyash Rambaree, a 17 year old student who lost his life last year due to a skull fracture in an accident? The bus driver has been sent to jail, but this hasn't changed the attitude of other drivers.

In an interview today Naren Ramgoolam from NTA stated that he did not understand how this has happened. According to him, bus conductors receive a rigorous training before embarking into this career. Yeah right! Like they got a training to be this disrespectful towards people. I wonder when was the last time Naren Ramgoolam set a foot in a bus. Might have been in the 70s. Duh!

Anyway, once more the NTA has shown how incompetent they are.

Edit: (Sunday 24 May 2009):
The inauguration of the station was held on the 13th May 2009.

Monday, 23 February 2009

About the birthday

Could not really celebrate much of a birthday at home since the blessed festival had to be today. So we're planning my birthday on some other day. This did not stop Jev and me from going out and hang around a little at the beach. Went to Pereybere, the sun was simply burning us until we decided to turn Jazzie into a tent. So you'll be wondering who the hell is Jazzie. And this is Jazzie:

and the insides of Jazzie:


So Jevin took all the backseats down and believe me we had enough space to have a picnic in there, and it is just a car! hihi... So I'm wondering why we did not do it before but anyway was a great day. I'm off to sleep and I'm waiting for next year to come. Till then, take care dudettes and dudes and my wonderful aliens.