Monday, 23 February 2009

About the birthday

Could not really celebrate much of a birthday at home since the blessed festival had to be today. So we're planning my birthday on some other day. This did not stop Jev and me from going out and hang around a little at the beach. Went to Pereybere, the sun was simply burning us until we decided to turn Jazzie into a tent. So you'll be wondering who the hell is Jazzie. And this is Jazzie:

and the insides of Jazzie:


So Jevin took all the backseats down and believe me we had enough space to have a picnic in there, and it is just a car! hihi... So I'm wondering why we did not do it before but anyway was a great day. I'm off to sleep and I'm waiting for next year to come. Till then, take care dudettes and dudes and my wonderful aliens.


  1. Yeah I too wonder why we never did this before.

    It was nice though. Next time I'll bring my pillows. :p

  2. Yeah and next time I'll bring my friends! hihi... it's amazing how much space we got.I think you'll have to leave the seats down! :D

  3. Wow! Nice car interior! It's been ages since I last went to Pereybere!

  4. lol, are you sure all you did was eating?! i bet not. i know you guys too much ;)
    jazzie looks much fun!

  5. happy birthday!
    r u back into bloggin for good?

  6. jazzie is superman cool! a kan le prochain plan lamer?? :P

  7. First - love the car! I've a FIT. Honda FTW.

    Nice socks! :P

    Glad you two had a wonderful time.



    Is Jevin's hair still long? Or has it been cut? Just wondering.. LOL

    Oh, happy birthday :)

  8. Lovliebutterfly, perhaps on your next vacations to Mauritius you'll be able to go there. Personally, I don't like Pereybere that much. It's always too crowded, but it's a nice beach.

    Keli, lol! pour une fois vrai mem nune faire bon zenfan! :P

    Joyshan, thanks

    Waz, it can be for bad too! :P Yeah but jokes apart think I'm gonna stay. Reminds of Questions pour un champion. Je reste! lol

    Rooch, b a lindependance! it's gonna be drunktastic! hahah

    shah, thanks, we had a great time! Jev's cut his hair. I'm hoping he lets it grow again! :P

  9. Happy belated birthday! :)
    i miss the beaches in Mauritius! :( :( I love to walk on the sandy beaches, suntan ... oh... and buy ice cream! lol.

  10. nah, let's be positive...
    you are back for good! :P

  11. Sun and Aline, thanks for the wishes. :D

    Waz, think yeah. I'm back for good. It's good to be back. hehe It's back to be good. ^o)

  12. Wow, nice car. And great idea to have the picknick in the car.

  13. great care! it should be fun 2 drive

  14. does that mean you will give MBB a new life?

  15. jarrive enfin a voir la jazz de jev .. jizz!!!

  16. manico, it came as an inspiration. :P

    devil snare, i guess you meant "car" :P

    Waz, I'll try to. :D

    m0rph, wai jevin ine aussi met bane photos lor so facebook mo croir. li p glacer, come dirait l'autre :P

  17. woot!
    k, let's do CPR on MBB! :P

    u do the mouth-to-mouth! i do the pumpin!!! >:P

  18. i love the shoes in the last pic :)