Monday, 9 March 2009

A bloggers meeting.

Following Yashvin's idea of a bloggers' workshop, we've thought that it would be nice to meet some (hopefully all) bloggers in the Mauritian blogosphere in person.

We could plan a meeting on Saturday the 14th of March. This date is only a suggestion. If you are not available on this day but still wish to participate, please let us know, by contacting either of us on our blogs or by mail, we could change the date to enable you to be present for the meeting. The venue has not yet been set. But I suggest Caudan where a previous meeting had been held some years back. And frankly it's an easily accessible place .

My e-mail address is
lastmorina [at] gmail dot com.

Please try your best to be present and don't be shy or scared, it will just be a casual meeting and we promise it won't be boring.

So who is in?

Update(09.03.2009): The meeting will most probably be held at 2 p.m on Saturday the 14th. Everything will be confirmed by Thursday, latest.
Thank you all for your coorperation and willingness to participate. ;)


  1. Of course, I will be there :P

    btw, its everybody's initiative, feel free to help!

  2. Shah, great! counting on you!! :P

    Jev, hihi, even if you didn't want to come, I would have dragged you there! :P

    Yashvin, well said! It's a common initiative and we hope to get the maximum of help in carrying this out.

  3. i'll be there...
    but only in spirit :P
    since i'm not in Mu!

    great idea btw!
    take lots of piczzz! :D

  4. I'm not in Mauritius right now ... ;(

  5. Waz and Bruno, we count on you for the next edition then. :P

  6. have fun guys ... share some pics of deh event if you can.


  7. I'm available in the evening, got tuitions from 7 to 12.
    Have to talk about it with my parents though :S

  8. morph, please try to come doh! :P

    Carrotmadman, does that mean you'll be coming? OMG it's gonna be great! :P

    Sjdvda, I hope you manage to come. ;)

  9. Ah merdeuh! samedi possib chui pas lib =( I'll try my best, I wanna come :D

  10. Nussaibah, esperons to capav vini!! :P mais sinon nous capav ossi change date la pour ke you capav come. :D

  11. Ah non, okay sa =P Me is taken up from 12.30-13.30, which I can probably postpone for some hours as well xD La plupart dimun libre samedi, so it's good :P

  12. It's great then! :P I'm really looking forward to the meeting. :D

  13. I'll try to see if the other bloggers from my.. euh blog... are free ^.^

  14. too bad, not in mru :(
    nice initiative morinn!

  15. Could you set up video link? [roushdat]

  16. @nussaibah :
    if the other bloggers from my.. euh blog

    LOL! Do bring them along!!!

    I would kindly ask bloggers to make "their bloggers from their blog" aware about this event. Thanks.

    Seems great, I already see a few bloggers planning to come :)
    Looking forward to this meeting too.

  17. Nussaibah, yeah please help to spread the word... :D

    Keli, you should come! :P please...

    Roushdat, i think we should arrange for a video conference :P

  18. Thanks for this great idea, i will confirm my presence later on :)

  19. Have fun guys... Caudan sounds like a good idea. do send photos!!

  20. Good idea. Last year we did it too if i still remember..there was Pricus, yashvin, tushal and me... tushal got sick lol. Well was busy with university then afterward..

    Yusha proposed the idea in July. You can chek it HERE

    All the best :-) If am free (due to assignments)on that day I'll be there. :-)

  21. Thanks a lot for your enthusiasm everyone. Please send me an e-mail to confirm that you are coming a few days before the event, so that we could exchange numbers. Pou zot pa gagne pou ale zouer devinette dan caudan laba :P

  22. mo p vini yupee ...enfin i`ll try saturday is very hectic 4 me...inform me of the time

  23. hey wow that's a nice idea. dunno if i'll make it though, u know, dissert and all shit :(

  24. Joyshan, that's great! :P Yup I'll be posting the time later on but I think it will be in the afternoon. Keep in touch.

    Rooch, please come. :P it's gonna be great!!

  25. well well well. Shah will not come.

    I will come.

    Please, if we are going to KFC. don't invite Avish. He won't let us eat in peace.xD

  26. It's okay for 2 of us, anytime xD Okay, maybe not too late :P One is free after 2 p.m.

    Count us in :D

  27. that sucks...
    it's the 2nd blogger meet i'll miss out on!

  28. I'll talk to my wife, Christina, and let you know if we're both coming on the 14th or not.

    Nice initiative by the way.

    PS: I forgot to ask. Are old people like us also invited?

  29. @ Avinash Meetoo:
    Are old people like us also invited?

    lol, if the old people are bloggers, then of course yes!!!

    @ Tushal:
    Please, if we are going to KFC. don't invite Avish.
    We will look for somewhere nice, once the number of participants have been finalized.

    @ Morinn:
    Pou zot pa gagne pou ale zouer devinette dan caudan laba :P

    lol, that makes me remember that for the last bloggers meeting, I didnot know any one of them!
    I had to guess "hey, bisin zotte meme sa" and then go to their table to ask them politely:
    "ici meme ena bloggers meeting la?"


  30. Nussaibah, it's great that the 2 of you will be able to come :P

    Waz, aargh! There'll be a next time.

    Avinash Meetoo, I don't think you two are old. And you are definitely invited!! We are really counting on your presence for this event. :)

  31. at what time it will be? For breakfirst?

  32. Stefan, the time has not yet been set but it will most probably be in the afternoon.

  33. Am in...but please let's make it in the afternoon???? pliz pliz!

  34. Reena, yup it's gonna be in the afternoon!! :P hihi... looking forward to meeting you!

  35. Hello Friends, OK for me am coming, see u soon!!

  36. Ashfaq, will you be present at the meeting?

    Ritesh Seeboruth, see you soon buddy. ;)

  37. yes morinn, i will come to meet u up guys :) however i would be free after 12..prolly in port louis around 12h30 ! .. do confirm the time for the meeting :)) i will be checking ur blog these days to know for the time of the meeting ;)

  38. hey morinn ! will ba able to come after 1.30 ! will make my best :P ! tkc ! nice initiative !

  39. Hi,

    I am confirming that Christina and I will come on the 14th (maybe we'll have to bring our two small kids with us because, well, they are our kids after all :-) )

    Just send me a mail with the exact venue and time when you finalise those.

    See you all.

  40. It's going to be difficult to find a good place for the meeting if there are many people attending.
    Unfortunately I can't make it. I'm in Singapore right now. I'll be back to Mauritius in a few months maybe. :) I would have liked to meet some of the newer generation of Mauritian bloggers. I only know the 'old' ones.
    You guys have fun and tell us all about it. :)

  41. Hello everyone. A new post will be issued on Monday for updates regarding the meeting. We would like to thank you all for your coorperation and for helping us with this initiative. See you soon. ;)

  42. i hope to be there.. kfc bucket :p

  43. wait a minute, am i still a blogger????

  44. selven, yup you're still a blogger!! :P

    hope to vini!! :D

  45. I think I'll probably come...if I'm not too tired after tuition (they finish at noon)

  46. I'll confirm my presence/absence on friday at latest :P

  47. Not a bad idea... wil surely try to be there... :)

  48. coming wiz ma gf ! lolzz. :))
    amene 1 pavillon blanc ek zotte... ecrire bloggers mauritius lors la !! hahahaha lolzz. pa pou bizen roder lerla ! lolzzz hahhaha

    Eyy si vraieme ena 150 bloggers environ .. we could create a group on FB :)) or google :))

  49. nice :) maybe if u'll have a meeting between mid july to mid sept i could make it :P right now am not in mru though :( have fun guys :D (Viru5)

  50. I remember that first bloggers meeting at caudan :D I was the only girl blogger there! Hahaha!

  51. @ Sjdvda, no you won't be too tired! And then you can relax at the meeting!! :D

    @ Chaya, yes please do let me know. I surely hope you will be coming! :D

    @ Pramod, please try your best to be present. :D

    @ Ashfaq, i think nou pou ressi reconaite sakene!! :P

    @ Viru5, hope you can make it to the next one!! :P

    @ Angele, will you be coming to this one? Please please do come!!

  52. Hello people. This is just to confirm that the meeting will be held tomorrow 2 pm at McDonald's, Port Louis. We will probably still be there till around 5 pm.

    If you need to contact us, you may phone or text on 761 9045.