Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Can't wait...

It seems like ages since I've been out with friends. Like a real sort of trip. Packing food, shopping at the last minute, planning a theme and then getting done and forgetting something at home and then telling yourself "heck! it doesn't matter... what does matter is the fun that we're gonna have."

Yeah it's been one year already, or almost one year since the Indie picnic, held on the Independence day. Last year was the first time and it was so good that it has become a tradition. Weird huh? But that is how we roll. :P

So ladies and gentlemen and my tired aliens... I really can't wait for this day to come. Till then I'll just go on HRMing. Ah life!


  1. *cough* MBB Convention.

    (looking for a freighter to get Waz here :P)

  2. LOL! yeah! we gotta get Waz down here! :P

  3. Yeah lets go trippin' yo. LOL

    Yeah this year's trip is gonna be a lot better. The old one was awesome... This one will bring awesome to a whole new level. Yay!!

  4. lol!! hihi bringing awesomeness to a new level, sounds like a slogan :P