Saturday, 21 March 2009

Damn week...

Hello dudettes and dudes, bloggers and non-bloggers, this past week was a hell of a week and I'm glad I've recovered alright as soon as I've stepped in the house. Ah the magic of a home! Can't beat that!

Anyway, I've got to announce a few blogging news and ask a few questions.

First news - My sister has started blogging again! The blog is called Loona's very very unprivate world and I guess the title is appropriate for a personal blog! :D

A screenshot of Loona's blog.

Moving on, I'd like to share something that I've discovered today and it might seem like a weird question, but is Rama Valayden on blogger?

Check out the blogger profile and the blog.

Personally I believe it's someone else pretending to be him. If the Attorney General of Mauritius wanted to blog on blogger, he would either have created a blog anonymously or bought a domain and employed web designers to work on it! lol! Ok that's extreme! Anyway let's wait and see what's the outcome of this.

Moving on to something joyful and still related to blogging, I'd like to wish a very very Happy Birthday to Yashvin. Jevin and I send you all our best wishes. :D Keep blogging and keep inspiring many new bloggers! :D

I'm now off to making something to eat and like Keli said, have yourselves a merry weekend dudettes and dudes and my tired aliens.


  1. What happened this week? ... Hmm maybe Rama Valayden has a lot of free time ... or election soon and he feels it is the right time to start campaigning online?

  2. I had tons of tests this past week. Barely slept, but I'm feeling better now! :D

    Yeah I guess it might be some sort of early election campaign, but it takes more than that to get the attention of people. I was lucky to go through the list of Mauritian blogger of blogger and to get to see that blog! :P

  3. No, it's definitely a fan-site (LOL) coz the post was copied from this L'Express article. :)

  4. Congrats Loona for your new blog. :D

    Hey it could be Rama himself. He seems to be cool (as an Attorney General).

    It would be great if it's actually him. It's would be nice to learn more about politicians other than by watching TV.

  5. @ Carrotmadman LOL! Thanks for shedding some light on this!! The fan should not have usurped Valayden's name though!

    @ Jevin, yeah it would be a great idea. I think Pravind Jugnauth has got his blog. But I've never read it, I'm allergic to flash.

  6. @morinn
    Btw thanks for the emos... I've just implemented it on my blog! It's awesome! :D

  7. Yeah it's awesome. :D I wish there were more emo choice though!

  8. goddd you looked like super stressed out this morning?!i guess you were late for class, i felt guilty not being stressed out too when seeing you run run run forest run.
    i don't think its rama valayden, kifer li ti pou koz de li a la troizieme personne sinon?
    to imazine toi p ekrir...morinne is very tired today. morine has had a hell of a week. lol
    that would be stupid, right. even if i've seen some bloggers do it. but well.
    relax max morine, the weekend is here!!

  9. keli, yeah you seemed to be so cool and relaxed walking lazily with your ipod! hihi!
    mai now mo relaxed la. yup was late for class, had a presentation and test dan tanto.
    imagine toi, mone mem pa gagne letemps met kohl lor mo lizier.
    note to myself: next time wear the kohl before going to sleep! hihi

  10. @morinn
    Well, add your own emos. Just modify the js, it's easy. :)

  11. @ carrotmadman, I'm lazy. But I'll do it soon! :D

  12. yeah i dunt think its rama valayden too, he's got "better" stuff to do than keeping a blog eh?
    merry weekend u too :)

  13. thanx for the intro.guess it always pays to KNOW ''influential people''.sui k'un pti scarabee moi!!!

    If I were mr valayden,I would blog,elections or not!!c fun.

    thanx jevin for your encouragement and thanx to peace i get the miss world crown now???

  14. rooch, yeah good you put the "better" in inverted commas! hihi... have a great weekend! :D

    loo, wai mai li pou 1 super innovation si 1 ministre ti blog lor so bane projects etc... li ti pou surment gagne 1 ta negative comment selmen.c peut etre pourkoi zot pa keep 1 blog.

  15. for a minute i thought valayden has a blog too

  16. So then Loona is your sis :P I just went to visit her blog but unfortunately I can't comment on the post. It's weird. There no "post a comment". o.O

  17. Yannick, nope it's just a fan blog.

    Angele, I think she's trying to modify her template or stuff, and she temporarily disabled comments, might be that. :S

  18. hehe, thanks for your wishes Morinn and Jevin!!!

    My post about my birthday celebration is ready:

    @All bloggers :
    Sorry, I was not available for the weekend, so did not comment on any posts, nor I read all of them yet.

  19. nice blog indeed... but as usual am not allowed to comment without subscription to yet another blog provider :( anyways keep up the good work both of your :)