Monday, 9 March 2009

Finepix for finer pics...

I got a Finepix Z10 fd yesterday. Fd stands for face detection and I must say it really detects faces, even faces on posters. I don't know how it does that, but it really kicks at doing it. Mine is red because it'll go well with Jazzie's interiors but it comes in different colors, pink, green, orange and the list is long.

So I am now officially shifting from doing weird and crappy photography to not-so-crappy photography. :P I must say that the transition will be hard; I'm not used to working with relatively good material. With my old camphone, I always lost precious seconds entering my 7-digit security code before I could take a shot. The new cam's really rapid, just slide the lense cover and the job is done.

Having a cam can be really handy if, for example, you have to take a snap of a tyre exploding in the bus in which you were going home, of police officers packing away all hawkers' products at the Victoria Station or of a bus conductor having to use a wooden stick to keep the bus going.

The pictures above were taken from the old camphone.

And pictures below from the new FinePix. :D Ah! Long post I know!

It's the first time of my life that I've managed to catch details. :P


  1. Ohh so sweet... It's a very handy cam indeed. It operates fast and it looks Jon Stewart cool.

    Btw the cam's moto is "Face_it, Beam_it, Blog_it".

    That's ideal for you... :D

  2. Lol! yeah that's why i love it. cause of the blogging tools it has got! :P

  3. :O Lezard .... hahahah :) hey nice pics :) You are professionalizing the blog :P

  4. Hihi, professionalizing? maybe :P But I am mostly avoiding posting weird and badly taken photos on my blog! lol!

  5. I would love and even thought to buy a professional camera for taking pictures for my blog but unfortunately, a mobile phone seem to be more handy in all situations since it is always with you, ready to shoot!

    Nevertheless, I am also thinking to buy a semi-pro one since I got addicted to Nitin's camera lol!
    mari nissa pu tire foto :-)

  6. Yashvin, yeah mobile phones are more appropriate for taking pictures for blogging. But unfortunately mine was too old and I did not want to change phone. So I had to get a new cam! :D

  7. Woohoo!!! A new cam! Congrats :)

    I'm also looking for a new camera... probably won't buy anything else than a semi-pro DSLR (but it's way too expensive!!!).

  8. Carrotmadman, to be honest, I wanted to buy something much closer to a semi-pro too but I could not afford it. The finepix is the cheapest cam I've seen so far (Rs. 3,439) and although its reviews were not so good on the web, I wanted to try it out and I must say it fulfills my blogging needs. :D

    Maybe in some years I would be able to get something better. *wishing hard* lol!

  9. ah cams are a girls' best friends! mentiii! mais pou moi c vrai. et pou toi osi! ;)
    i go crazy over slr cameras. and i am secretly saving money to buy one. prolly gonna take me ages though since they are like superman expensive.
    enjoy ur new cam :)


  10. rooch, yeah i cant imagine the world without photos! hell! that would be such a blank world! :O

  11. wuhuuuuuu nice shots!
    i am supa in love with face detection, its like they read our minds...ah intelligent cameras!
    i wish i were rich enough to get a pro too :(
    gonna miss your cam phone pics though, they were so spontaneous, they had something special...

  12. keli, I might post pics from my camphone too. cause it's still alive, that little machine. it's just getting a bit old and outrun by new technology. :(

  13. Cool camera, very fashion. Me too have got a finepix F50fd but battery life sucks.

  14. Yeah I've noticed that the battery does not last long.

  15. woaaaa! respect ti lezar multicolor ...

    cot moi ena zis ban malang malang la ...

  16. hihi! gagne plin sa bane lezard multicolor kot moi! akoz zot fek sap la foret, zot vine fr 1 ti letour ici aprer zot re aler! lol