Saturday, 7 March 2009

International Women's Day

Tomorrow we celebrate yet another International Women's Day and the Ministry of Women's Rights, Child Development and Family Welfare has figured out that the best way to promote women is to take a popular presidential campaign slogan, to modify it a little and to plaster it all over billboards accompanied by pictures of nice-looking women.

Women We Can

What the hell is that supposed to mean? That we can sell vegetables, or work as assistants or call-centre agents, or become police officers or even occupy a savvy post in an organisation? Thanks for telling us what we have been knowing for decades!

Why not try providing assistance to women really needing the help for once?

Oh! And I hope you CAN update the Ministry of Women website because it badly needs some work done on it.


  1. Women we can.

    Nice say, but not very original...

    I agree that the billboards give you the impression that it's more the "International Good Looking Women's Day" than "International Women's Day".

  2. Women
    we can

    They should have say something much more meaningful.

    Seems a bit copy paste of the moto of Nike!

  3. Women just to be like men when they CANNOT just sit down et "pran ene ti les temps blaguer enbas la boutik sinois" or "marcher minuit a coz zome pou attack zote"

    Women CAN'T.

    Dear women, stop trying to lose your inner femininity. You are killing the remaining Guardians of Chivalry. Plus, you are turning hard core strong men into pathetic gay men.

    Women = We Can = Transformation to Men

    Virile Man = I like Women! = I am gay for Women have been transformed into men.


    I am for women to stay @ home, cook for the family and watch after the kids. They should not drive and should cover their hair - what? Do you know that there are plenty of hair admirers/collectors out there? It is a tough world. As a hair collector, I find it easy to obtain samples for my wall of hair.

    So, women. Just stay home. If you want "more space" as you so often mention, men can increase the size of the house. There you go, "more space."

    Anything else? STFU! Men are meant to rule. Women are just men's tools.

    (Note: I do not abide to the above view. I'm just sparking some flame here. People abide too much to what women say - they can. Shit, they can! They can't even take a dumb in a dirty public toilet without ranting for a month afterwards. LOL. Women Can't!)

  4. >>Women we can<<

    We MEN WE CAN!!


  5. Alpha Males PWN female pussies! And we DO, therefore, we CAN.

  6. yeah i've seen it and thought that was terrible.
    its like claiming something like le ciel est bleu.
    whilst we alrealdy know we can.
    plus i hate the logic, if not lack of it, behind international women's day.
    and who are we to judge what someone has to do, stay at home or go to work? really that guy's comment was pure bs.
    i mean come one lets all watch l word and celebrate women in all their greatness!
    we rule ladies. we really do.

  7. @ Shah: There is no chivalry in today's world :P

    Women and gals out, please hide your hair, because there is an Alien called Shah, who will steal strands of your hair...rofl

    @ Sun: LOL

  8. you women are more in the position to judge if this campaign is successful or not.

  9. @ yannick, yeah and we women we say that the campaign is lame! :P