Tuesday, 31 March 2009

She looks cute...

But sometimes she is not... :S

No modifications have been made to this picture, especially not the eyes. :p


  1. She looks cute. Agreed.

    But she's always barking at me. I'm always scared of her.

    But she's cute. I'll give you that.

  2. Yeah she can be damn freaky at times. Always frightening the hell out of people! lol! And most people think Kushie is the bad one. :P

  3. ey pas de mauvaise pub pour mon bebe!!normalement elle est mignonne mais quand elle se met en colere,elle est a croquer!!adou adou adou adou adou!!!

  4. heyy, thnks for the comment. cool blog you have here!(ps: i'm sure your dog is harmless, looks to it it may have a loud bark but a small bite :))

  5. Avec quoi ou qui était elle en colère? I once owned a dog who almost never barked ... he simply bit people. We had loads of problem with him. He particularly 'loved' people on bicycles and motorcycles. :)

  6. @ Nav, yeah she really does not bite much. Just likes to show her teeth.

    @ Bruno, at that particular moment she was mad at another one of my dogs, Kushie.
    LOL! Barking dogs do not bite, I guess the contrary is true as well! :p

  7. heyyy my male dog is always showing his teeth to my other male dog because my other male dog is gay, and my first male dog is homophobic. you know male dog stuffs.

  8. yeah male dogs tend to be touchy regarding their sexuality. bizar bizar

  9. I love playing with dogs, i kind of like their facial expressions and well... see the emotions they like to show.

    sometimes, when am with a dog, i feel it can communicate via telepathy!

    when i was a kid, i used to have lots of puppies and dogs, loved em, when one would die i would get another one, that passion was always here...

    then came my last dog.. i was around form4, i had a dog, she was like my best friend then, grew up with me for quite a while, was more like a bro [even if she was female], at home. then some shithead poisonned her.. i never managed to get over it, i never got the courage to own a dog ever.. it pains too much, i cried for days [however remarkable that might seem, yes i cried].
    it was like a human dying, i felt that i shud have cremated it... enfin, that is the reason why i never adopted a pet ever. Just in case a new pet will make me forget her.

    i like ordinary dogs and not race stuffs :p coz the ordinary ones seems to have a face with more emotions.


  10. Wow selven. First time I'm seeing this side of you.

    I had one dog and his name was Bingo. He lived for more than 10 years. He was my first dog and I can understand when you say you don't want to adopt another dog.

    Dogs should live longer. :(

  11. I had lost a dog too in 2006. Her name was Brownie. She had been with us for more than 5 years. She died in an accident. It was really a terribly heartbreaking experience. But she has left behind her son Kushie as a little souvenir. :)

    I prefer the local breed of dogs too. I'm dead scared of dogs of other breeds. I saw one at Caudan on Saturday and I totally freaked out. They are so different and BIG! :S

  12. @ jevin
    "Wow selven. First time I'm seeing this side of you."
    a lot more hidden there are :p

    "Dogs should live longer. :("

    "I'm dead scared of dogs of other breeds"
    pure race dogs don't seem to show emotions off their faces... :p

    this is a rather ... emotional subject btw

  13. hey i have a pic like the second one, but its a cat instead of a dog :)

  14. chew li ! Chew!

    ^^ har har chek bien jev , tention 1 zour to mank 1 bout savatte ou smthing else :D

  15. @ selven, yeah this has turned out to be a rather emotional issue. :D

    @ rooch, hmmm, the cat was in a bad mood? :P

    @ Chaya, I used to be scared of them too. I still scared of stranger's dogs. :P

    @ Jess, yeah it is so dangerous! :P

    @ Dan, wai jev faire extra attention kan li trouve li. hihi

  16. Yeah, your dog is really soooo cute:)

  17. devil dog. do you remember the film?