Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Something Useless.

There are many stuff that I've bought in my life and which I have never actually used to their full purpose, like a book called "Barrage sur le Nil" which I bought during my egyptology period, or various punk t-shirts which I've never worn or recently the Nec Versa, which looks quite irrelevant compared to the IBM T30. Yeah, no kidding. After using a trackpoint for years, a touchpad seems to be too inaccurate. But I'm not waging a war against touchpad users, I'm just pointing out my inability to adapt to changes. :D

Touchpad in white, trackpoint in black and red.

Moving on to my list of useless objects, at the first place you definitely get the emtel mobile internet device or whatever they call it. I've used this thing a total of 3 times in my life and I'm not about to use it anytime soon.

Initially costing more than 6k rupees and now down to 5k rupees from the adverts I saw last week, its cost greatly exceeds its value proposition and in a country where we have many safety issues, it's irrelevant to advertise about how the device can be used anywhere (refer to radio adverts). I barely see people moving about with their laptops everywhere, at the seaside or on hills!

About the billing, either you use a pre-paid account and you have to recharge your account with a Rs50 credit every time you want to surf for about 15 minutes or you use a post-paid account and prepare yourself to be surprised on seeing the bill.

Therefore, this product is really for those who absolutely need to be connected to the internet anywhere they go and who hopefully get this service as a grant on behalf of their employer.

As for me, this little device will remain in its little box, safely waiting for something better to come its way. :D


  1. Funny...

    I guess we all have our list of useless things we bought. Haha.

    Maybe one day the emtel prices will go wayyyy down. And then you will take out the modem. :D

  2. lol, I should be labelled as the guy who buy useless things :P
    haha, my cousins and sister sometimes laugh at me when I bring things at home.
    A few yrs back, I bought a decoration stuff at rs400 (which is a big deal for a student).
    It went directly into some corner, behind the tv set.
    The last I saw it, some parts were missing lol!

    Just recently, I bought a bright green small purse from Diane. It is still in my drawer.

    As u mentioned, loads of clothes too, never worn or which would not even fit!

  3. My most recent useless buy: wireless headphones. Extra top pou use ecouteurs sans fil mais you have to charge like very often. Not practical at all, used it only once.

  4. @ Yashvin
    mo pou touye twa...the purse you bought was for ur mum silly not for your own use lol...
    Chance you are using the disco ball :P sinon mo lecoeur ti pou areter...

    ya dear me 2 usually buy useless things..specially perfums and makeups...lol..

  5. Morinn, if you were in the UK, you would have bought a lot of useless things in £1 shops ... you gets loads of these useless stuffs for £1.

  6. The emtel stuff, don't they offer packages??

    @ The Post: I don't buy stuffs like this and like that...I buy things only when I need them ;)

  7. lol
    useless things are meant to be bought!
    how can you not like touchpad, thats the coolest thing ever!
    hey i totally remember your egyptian period, you had collected like tons of stuffs on egypt, and were gonna make this egyptian eye tattoo. but finally freaked out!

  8. @ yashvin, yeah it's just the shopping fever!! :P

    @ Irfaan, yeah I totally understand that. Charging earphones require too much effort. Even for my cam, I find the process lengthy. :S

    @ Dhaneesha, yeah perfumes and makeup, I sometimes wonder what caught me to buy them. :P

    @ Bruno, lol, I don't deliberately buy useless stuff. I just buy things on impulse and realise they're useless!

    @ Chaya, yeah they offer packages, for the postpaid accounts. But if you exceed a certain amount of download they start charging additional fees.
    It's good to buy things once you need them. I'm trying hard to adopt this habit! :D

    @ keli, hehe yeah useless things are meant to be bought!! :P
    I don't like the touchpad cause I find it too slippery and I'm not used to it.
    Yeah I wanted this tattoo very badly but then I freaked out!! I freaked out bad!

  9. remembr the time when laptops used to be really wow things? haha

  10. yeah, those days were great! lol! this sounds weird suddenly

  11. @usha
    OMG!! Wooww a laptop... Wait OMG woooww another one.. LOL

    Morinn I love the white keyboard. I don't know why but white keyboards are sexy to me. :p

  12. i love white keyboards only on macs... air preferably :P

  13. well, not entirely useless...since you are bloggin about them! :P

  14. you've got a point there Waz! :D

  15. thank god, the quality of your images have improved. no more eyesores.

  16. lol u even gave me some pics of pharaohs during ur egyptian craze :D
    i buy things i dont need too. all girls do that don't they? ;)


  17. I prefer black keyboards on macs. :p They tend to be less "Hey look at me I got a mac. Hey! Hey! You! Look at me. Look at me I said."

    I got one thing to add in my list of useless things. My Windoze Millennium CD. Damn, the only original Windoze I bought had to be the crappiest.

  18. I got lots of useless things as well xD like the tons of books I buy and probably could just borrow them from the library or the clothes I'm never gonna wear... this list goes on... though I'm not sure my Nec Versa is one of them :P

  19. momo I know who you are pointing to but i'll play dumb cause i oew you one for Thursday night!!lol

  20. Man and i thought I was the omly one who did that!

  21. lol! loo that's not you am pointing at! :P *lying*

  22. roman sur legypte la :p moi ki ti p pensE it was about ancient egypt and was almost ready to buy it at quarter price from you :p then i realized its a normal thriller or normal egypt