Sunday, 19 April 2009

A bunch of prozac needers

We are a population of unhappy people. It suffices to go in the streets or to spend a day out interacting with Mauritians to notice that.

Common places where you'll get to meet unhappy people:

In supermarkets - ever met a cashier who is so bored or depressed that he/she does not even consider greeting customers?

In the bus - Those eternal bus conductors' mood swings. I've always wondered what they have got against people.

In UOM common room - Just bring a laptop with you and you'll know what I'm talking about. Anyone's been assaulted by Mr. Prem for using a laptop in the common room? Quoting him: "mo pa le sa bane couyonade la ici lor mo latab". There's a reason why wifi is enabled in the common room right. :p

But I understand, life's hard, work's tough, we're being bombarded from everywhere about the recession and financial crisis, people are made redundant everyday, purchasing power is decreasing, some people have to cope with more than one job to be able to sustain themselves and their family...

But then, aren't we all in that situation? Most people have to cope with jobs, studies, second jobs or freelance work. But we have to be professional in all that we do. We can't just let go of our emotions and vent our frustration on customers, colleagues or anyone else at work.

Especially in times when Performance Management Systems are taking a rising level of prominence, we've got to give the best of ourselves at work and this starts with how we interact with people.


  1. Nice post. We really are a bunch of unhappy people, huh.

    We all got our problems and I think we should all think positive. Maybe we need to have anger management classes...

  2. or just keep cool and relax and try to enjoy what we're doing though i am often the first one not to abide by that :S

  3. wow is that the HRM effect? hehe
    it's nice to have somebody thinking out of the box, like really really out of the box :)
    be happy morinn, always!

  4. Rooch, lol, I'll confine myself to the box as from tomorrow. :P

  5. that's so truuuue...ziska docteurs dans l'hopital unhappy pourtant zot p sape la vie bane dimoune la osi zot pa docteurs privés pas contant pourtant zot p taxer zot service 2 fois plis mais la oci zot pas contant...ah zut moi aussi mo unhappy mais zis contre bane docteurs du moins pu le moment hinhin

  6. Jess, c tout a fait comprehensible, pour le moment c normal ki to imper unhappy contre les medecins! :p

  7. sick sad la la la la

  8. keli, i wonder how sick sad world would sound now! lol! I'm off to some Daria-tubing :p

  9. easier said than done! :P
    i guess not everybody can cope with the pressure...! i think we all need anger management! :P

  10. Waz, yup it's a hell lot easier saying it than actually doing it. I'm among the first ones who need ways to manage anger and stress. lol!

  11. Internet users unhappy because the connection is damn slow,
    and programmers unhappy that the software is behaving strangely n having bugs, you say what Jevin? :P

    yes, we are really unhappy lol

  12. Actually you control your anger and stress levels pretty good. :)

  13. There's actually one important thing to point out, you don't learn real life at school. You can learn a lot of things at school, even the bad things, but nothing prepares you to going out in the world and face all the trouble, all the people and all the obstacles that will come your way. The only way to do this is to live it and learn from it. This will also depend on your personality.

  14. Samem ban la dir depenalize gandia ... fer sa ban dimoun la happy un peu ... tan ki zot pas agace dimoun :P

  15. Yashvin, those are usual unhappinesses! lol

    Jevin, :P

    Sachin, yeah that's the way it goes. Academic studies provide almost no means to get the feel of real life.

    Bruno, lol, might be one of the solutions. Mais coument zot dir, a utiliser avec moderation. ;)

  16. the titles you choose for your posts make me laugh. you are right about the perf management system, the company where i work is becoming rigorous about it.

  17. steff, yep even in the public sector they are starting to take it seriously

  18. this is wat real life is about: frustrations, stress... i think people need to get more leisure time, and practise some yoga as well :)

  19. ya ur rite, we are unhappy silly people lol..
    we are always complaining about things.
    What can be done, we are made like zis :S
    I'm unhappy mostly because I have some colleagues who use the 8 working hours to just "COMPLAIN" about things they are unhappy with lol!just imagine :P

  20. Ritesh, yeah those are some good suggestions, add aromatherapy to that! :P

    Dhaneesha, yeah i am like that as well. lol, i mean at some point in time everyone of us do complain, a little bit :p. And as a matter of fact, I am complaining when I've written this post! lol!

    Anonymous, yeah ahem "lol".

  21. As the joker rightly said: 'let's put a smile on that face' :)
    thou i question his methods!:) The main reasons why mauritians are so unhappy are:
    1.a deficiency of endorphines due to lack of sex cz their neighbours 'content looker'
    2.a monotonous redudant life...wake up in the morning, listen to the orbituaries on the radio (duh!such a nice way to kickstart the day), drink tea, drive throu the traffic, coming late at work, same nosy colleagues, drive back home throu traffic, listen to news, and sleep.
    3.lack of motivation at work cz ur colleague who is less qualified as u and has lesser experience is now ur superior bcz of one his relatives who is related to a friend of the cousin of a sinister or minister whatever.

    so what to do about it?....regular porn (plenty of mms out there), drugs (even cigarettes are expensive nowadays), and a shotgun :)

  22. wait till you start working sis!!

  23. umar nice way of getting endorphines!!lol!