Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Good News people!

Sorry dudettes and dudes, this was indeed an attempt, initiated by Yashvin, at "April-fooling" you guys. :D To be honest, I totally bought it when I first read about it on Yashvin's blog. :p What a fool I can be sometimes! It was a little later on that I got to know it's an April Fool and I decided to play along.

Original Post:
As you might have already read on Yashvin's blog, we bloggers are getting sponsored! Yayy! This means free events for us, including lunches and dinners.

The name of the sponsoring company will be given in due course.

Please be patient till we finalise things down. ;)

Take care dudettes and dudes. ;)


  1. Indeed, as I announced earlier today, a sponsor is ready to accompany us in our journey!

    This means a lot of advantages....tshirts, sponsorship of events, lunch!

    Mauritius, we are cominggggggg!

  2. Yeah. Now we can organize better activities. There will be some rules though. But nothing hard to live with...

  3. unless, it's an april fool's joke...of course!

  4. congrats to all of you. you deserve it.

  5. wat abt people who do not have a blog. will they be invited too/ :D

  6. ah ^^ j'allais dire "coooool" mais vu qu'on est le 1er avril...:p

  7. Hehehe it was a good joke. :D It's funny that actually many people believed in it. :p

  8. Pa facil ar toi morina. fouf


  9. lol! the funny thing is that I was pawned too before writing the post. :P