Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Green Day

Today, April 22 is Earth Day. I don't know how we are supposed to celebrate it, except for the obvious caring for our environment and trying to make the most of the land around us by "greening" it.

For me this day will be not-so-lazily spent at home, since I've got to revise and practise practise practise. Practise talking about everything I know about ROSL, not that there's much to say but I fear the questions. Those damn questions and if I can't reply to them correctly, it'd be like "haha, not so familiar with your subject are you?", which is quite embarassing, isn't it?

Anyway, I wonder why I am worrying so much about it. It might be because of the team I'm in. We've been awarded the best team of the class on several occasions and this last presentation is the ultimate moment to prove to ourselves, that we are indeed good and this is a reason enough to make me start panicking.

But, I gotta get hold of myself, right? and start preparing for the D-Day and for the high heels wearing. :p

Ah! So much for my Earth Day dudettes and dudes and my green aliens. Take care of your environment and peace! :D

P.S: I wanna go to a hippie party.


  1. Hey that's a nice picture. When I saw it I thought you were going to spend your day in your garden. That would be green.

    Your team is really good. I've seen you guys in action and you're a solid team.

    Good luck with your presentation. :)

  2. Good luck with ur presentation, and happy earth day to all :)

  3. you could revise outside!
    the weather is spectacular today, and guess what you inspired me yesterday and i thought i'd just stick at home this morning!!!!!!!! yuhuuuu
    happie grrrreen day mo, and also merdeuh for the presentation!
    btw i can't stop from seeing this french feminist lecturer around campus these days, the one who wears braces and black and white, and it makes me think of you :)

  4. @ Jev, no time for some greening today, but I'll start it again in a month probably. :p

    @ Ritesh, thanks, happy earth day to you as well. :p

    @ Keli, yeah the colour-blind guy!! haven't seen him in ages. I have black and white combos, i wonder what I would have worn if I were colour-blind.
    Happie green dai keli!! :p

  5. Did a huge presentation yesterday which nearly ended in a fight because some persons were not convinced by my conclusions. LOL :-D

  6. Sachin, LOL, I hope mine does not end up like that! It must have been fun though! :p Especially for the audience.

  7. @Picture : lol !
    Good luck!

    btw, how do you charge your laptop batteries (if ever) on a Green Day? :P

  8. Yashvin, lol, have to use electricity, no other choice, or else someone should try to invent a solar-powered battery, just for the Earth day. hihi!

  9. u're still on presentations? haha i am so totally done with themmmmm! hurraaayyy! ahem sorry i didn't mean to brag :p
    all the best though, am sure it's gonna be awesome.
    happy earth day morinn!
    peace out my friend! =)

  10. fouf I thought this was gonna be about the upcoming album of the rock band Green Day... I am disappointed...:P

  11. Rooch, yeah that's the last one! hihi! Happy Earth day to you too and peace! :P

    Yashi, yeah I was fearing that the title might be misleading. :p Sorry 'bout that.

  12. That's why google's logo is different! bcz of the earth day

  13. high heels ?:P pic pic pic....... :P
    Good luck for the presentation. =)

  14. I didn't even know it was earth day until I opened my Google page this morning! Shame on me :P

  15. Waz, thanks, loads. :D

    Yannick, yes yes, I feel you have just discovered something! lol

    Aline, yup, there'll be pics after the presentation! :p

    Angele, in fact this morning the Google page reminded me of the event. :P I had forgotten about it as well

  16. well, you won't need it!
    i'm sure you will pass it with uber-distinctionz!

  17. Happy Earth Day...I totally missed it this year, was so busy. Good luck with your presentation!

  18. Happy Earth Day! Have u seen this video about this turtle living its whole life with a plastic ring around it.. so sad :(

    Here's the video

  19. Green Day is another occasion to make money and sell stuffs by big bosses of the industrial world!First pollute then protect!funny sense of humor!!

  20. HI Happy Earth Day! here's really nother way to celebrate other than be kind to mother earth and to ourselves!