Saturday, 4 April 2009

The kids are on holidays.

Secondary schools are on holidays since yesterday. Officially it starts on Monday but who the hell cares, it's the holidays and they are going to be free! free! free!

No wait! I forgot about the private tuitions. Haha! Not so free now, aren't you?

Don't mind me people, I'm just jealous of their holidays, cause tuitions or not, it's still holidays, although the tuitions alleviate some of the fun.

But on the other side, tuitions fill the need for socialisation that might be felt by students during the holidays. I used to enjoy going to tuitions during this period as I got to meet my friends and sometimes hang out with them after classes.

Ultimately, dudettes and dudes, it really depends on the proportion of the student's free time that the private tuitions are taking. I don't believe a student who is overworking is making the most of his/her free time and I don't think that cutting oneself completely from studies during the holidays can be beneficial. So a right middle needs to be found to reconcile those two perspectives.

However, this is only my point of you. I am curious to know how you guys felt or are feeling about private tuitions...


  1. students shud be left alone. give them free will. let them choose. parents cannot force tuitions on them. i never studied in tuitions but you are right about socializing. i was socializing a lot. is it caudan in the picture? favorite hanging out spot for suicidal emo kids :p

  2. Cool! did not know Holidays starting for them.. ahh Tuitions, as you've mentioned it depends. I think holidays gives the kids liberty to relax and enjoy whilst tuitions compensate the revision or homework they should be doing whilst not abusing of the free time available to them. Holidays are not, they are still students...

  3. Private tuitions make students dumber: e.g. in physics, you have to reason your way out of problems - thus developing problem solving skills. Physics tuitions kill the learning process when the tutor gives the solution. The student does not bother anymore to think about the homework coz he/she knows professer lesson pou donn reponse la. Disgusting :x

  4. @ carrotmadman, good riddance indeed! I feel the same way. Though sometimes I miss a particular economics tuition. The teacher's voice was so soporific. Instant sleep guaranteed. I miss that when I'm having sleepless nights! haha

    @ Usha, yeah I know about your socialisations. lol

    @ CuriousEngine, yeah since they are still students they should keep in touch with their studies. But there's a limit and that limit should be well defined in my opinion.

  5. @ Bruno, yeah I've seen that too. In accounting classes when we're supposed to work out the accounts in their proper format and thus practise for exams when students just copied out the answers and revised them. On the day of the exams they just could not come up with the proper format. :S Practice is essential in those situations. Unfortunately there's too much spoon feeding.

  6. I didn't take too many tuitions, but I have to admit, some were really fun =P I did more talking that studying during tution time.

    And yes, I did alienate myself from studies during hols, not that I wasn't used to doing it during school as well. Kids at home, please do not try this, it rarely works. =P it did for me though xD I did a crash course of everything in the end :p

  7. Can't really say much on the tuition (except it depend on the student and the tutor)...but...holidays!...i want :(

    holidays = holi + day (i.e. when there's no school) therefore school is not holy, and i can deduce from that that school is the opposite of holy:
    school = evil :D
    sorry....just one of my (not so serious) theories :p

  8. @ Nussaibah, hihi, those last-minute crash courses, I enjoyed doing them as well. You get that adrenaline rush which makes you give the most of yourself. But we've got a put a disclaimer here: it does not work every time and for everyone. :D

    @ Nav007, haha! But this is a serious theory... It deals with the nature of schools themselves. :P

  9. @ Usha, big lol at the emo kids! Yeah that's caudan. hihi

  10. i can't think clearly about this right now, i'm still too involved. lol
    i hated private tuitions, i mean why the hell would you need another teacher to learn things when you actually go to school to learn all these things. t thought education should be free in this country.
    maybe its school that needs to be changed.
    i wished i was a hig school student right now, just for the holidays

  11. keli, that's why I'm damned jealous of those kiddos!! :P

  12. grrrrrr!!!! we are not KIDSSSS!!!!! ado or teengers plutot grrr!!!

    uhh btw pvt tuition is killing!!! i cnt find any diff in school days and holidays!!!
    pvt do help us enormously, yeh @ school its only theory part and tuition parctice and only practice!!

    actually tuition and school are same but different ;P

    but personally i prefer to go to school than zose holidays!!!! we can exchange place if u wana LOL ;)

  13. lol! I used to hate being called a kid as well. :D

    Yeah we can exchange places, but I won't go to tuitions though! hihi

  14. ah the old days.... vacances paques, amizer @ home, except the tuitions of course :P
    Now only have 2 wait for public holidays & wkends to enjoy

  15. I did not like tuitions after school. :S I was too tired (or drunk on my brightest days)..

    You got a point their btw. Tuition during holidays does fill the need for socialization. Never saw it that way... Hmmm.

  16. @ Ritesh, yeah that's the problem with work; the having less holidays part.

    @ Jevin, lol,you sure was enjoying your tuitions! hihi

  17. Howdy Bloggers!

    Happy Holidays to those who deserve em, and good luck for those who need to catch up instead of chilling!

    My view on Private Tuition is very interesting: If you have a look at a global scale; how many kids take private tuition in the world and for what?

    Shouldn't private tuitions be "one-to-one", cause you are paying for it?

    And shouldn't private tuitions cover topics which are too tricky/complex/hard for one to grasp at school?

    Shouldn't the tutor be able to dedicate personal time for you (remember you paying for it)?

    I'm sure most of you have at least once had tuition in a tutor's garage, sitting on a stool, squeezed (wa-dire sardine dans boite), breathing the natural odors of each other, just becoze there's no air-circulation!

    I think that "Private Tuition" in Mauritius is not just a second income for school teachers, but, it is a cheap & TAX FREE business to run.

    I have always hated tuitions, but had to go to them. I believe the real meaning of "Private Tuition" has been altered to fashion/trend. Mainly, when student/parents starting showing off that they/their kids take tuition with "THE BEST" tutor in the field. Duhhh!!!
    How many of you had to travel all across the island, just to take tuition? Why?;-)

    Sorry for the "pro-tuitionist" bloggers/comment-readers, I didn't meant to hurt your feelings.

  18. Howdy Rishi, so glad you jumped by!
    You're lucky, there's no pro-tuitionist as such around. :P
    And I totally share your views regarding tuitions. Private tuitions are supposed to be a 1-1 situation while here it's almost a 1 to infinity situation. haha

  19. Hahahahahahaha...
    If you become a Tutor one day, let me know! Oh yes, build yourself a very good reputation, so that I can send my kids and recomend you to other ppl if my kids ace the subject you'll be tutoring, I mean... Its not about intelligent kids, good school teachers, good parenting... but all the credits go to the Tutor!

    The worst case is when a students take tuition with their school teacher. How dumb is that? I always wonder, what extra one learn from the same person when one pays that person?

    Is there a secret SYLLABUS which contains "the secret to become a laurate" which is revealed only to those you pay for it???

    CLOSE the PUBLIC schools, I VOTE!!!
    Socialise from 8am-3pm (school hours) and take 2hour tution in the afternoon and you are on the way to a bright fitir.. LoL:)

  20. LOL! you know what, I think those kids do exactly that. Not the majority of them though. But those who pretend going to school and instead go for "hiking", "nature exploring" etc, they socialise during school hours. But that is illegal and dangerous of course and their parents aren't aware that they've been skipping classes. So when they go to tuitions, it's when their parents notice an improvement in their results. I think the best parents can do is to ensure that their children are really going to school in the morning and not sight seeing. :P

  21. Sight-seeing in nature during school time?
    My GOD...
    I just stepped out of the island and already new ways of chilling have sprouted. I envy the new generation!!! Why didn't I thought of that, then, instead of "shitting" myself at school?

    Damm... Where's Jules Verne? I need his time machine.

  22. Why not try H.G. Well's time machine? :D

    Kids are indeed becoming nature freaks nowadays. I think it was last year on school's first day, some kids were caught at the beach by the police. This is getting quite serious and a law was even passed in 2005 against "l'ecole buissoniere". But well, I don't think there's any change.

  23. the thing that used to motivate me for private tuitions was of course meeting the friends :) ah good old goodlands! remember? :)
    i suppose it all depends on the school, some are really good but then additional help is always a bliss right?

  24. LOOOOOOL @morinn: "Kids are indeed becoming nature freaks nowadays"
    (although first time i read that i missed out the word 'nature' and so was even more funnier! :D)

  25. @ Rooch, ooh yeah I remember! those good old days! you remember those fried cakes from that old man next Rucktoa's? :P

    @ Nav, haha! to be honest kids are also become freaks nowadays! :p

  26. being on holiday isnt such a big deal!!nothing to do + i put on weight!!

  27. yeah but I could die for holidays right now :P