Monday, 13 April 2009

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Last night I was looking for a CD in one of my drawers and I came across my extra-curricular achievements file, which is just a file where I keep track of things I've done that were not related to my studies, just to get the impression that I've lived for something other than studies.

The one thing that has aggrieved me the realisation that the last time I've updated this file was exactly one year ago.

I guess I gotta do something about it and weirdly, while writing this post I've got the idea of including my swimming pool access card, cause that's an extra-curricular activity right? Plus I do it every week. :D

Argh! Dudettes and dudes, now I should stop ranting.


  1. "i guess i gotta do something about it i guess" haha here u go again ;)
    hey wow u have an extra curricular achievement file! man that sounds super important. last time i updated mine was...oh shit i don't have one :/
    hehe i remember this article btw : )

  2. lol, nice title!

    This makes me remember that I appeared on newspaper too, when together with other uni friends, we replied to some questions on Mother's Day.

    Try to imagine, what would have happened if we recorded the number of times our names are mentioned on the internet or referenced by search engines!
    That would make a huge extra-curricular achievements file! lol

  3. Rooch, lol! You've got a record of all my typos! hihi!
    yup the extra curricular file was given to me some years back and i thought why not keep filling it again! lol

    Yashvin, lol, if we recorded all the time that we got mentioned on search engines, we'll have to keep a database of the records! :p

  4. Yes your swimming pool access card has to be in there. Haha

    And you look like Robin on that picture. :S

  5. lol! Robin from batman and robin? sorry couldn't help it! :P

  6. for me extra-curricular activity = work hinhin

  7. Mon dieu, ca doit etre marrant! XD

  8. lol extra curricular activity folder?! now thats a thing!
    if i had some extra curricular (sick of writing this) activities, i might have kept one too.
    i remember the article omg, i feel stupid about it...grrrrrrrr but i was young back then, right?!!

  9. lol! i feel a little stupid about that article as well. and some journalists tend to put things people say in a stupid manner, i've noticed that twice. grr...
    perhaps i had not well expressed what i wanted to say as well.

  10. nice idea for morale boosting. :p

  11. Have you saved the World as well? Fer joli lor CV ca :P

  12. @ Steff, yup it's good for a little self-actualisation. ;)

    @ Bruno, I haven't saved the world yet, so I wouldn't lie in my CV. haha

  13. QEC Benevolent Society. :P Was that for the Residential Seminar? A pity it's been abolished now, just learned that the other day when I went to school.

    I have one as well :) Where I put my little somethings when I have time.

  14. I can't help noticing the words Queen Elizabeth College. You were in the benevolent society?
    I miss QEC. (Mrs Oogarah was the rector when I finished school.)

  15. @ Nussaibah, yes it was the Residential Seminar. :D
    It's sad that it has been abolished. :( I had so much fun during those few days that we spent away from our home and those activities really helped in character-building.

    @ Aline, Mrs Oogarah was the rector during my time as well. Then Mrs Veeraragoo joined a few months before I left school.
    Were you in the benevolent society as well? :D

  16. You girls were lucky... I got Oogarah, Veeraragoo, Bissonauth and finally Dwarkan... *sigh* En plus, in the last months, Soorma in go <_<

    I think the Residential Seminar was held only for one year or two. Now, there's no Benevolent Society as well. They've remade all the clubs as school. It merged with the Civics and Human Values (my club :D ). I agree though, the Residential Seminar really helped in character building. *goes to look for the pics*

  17. how about organising the bloggers' meet?
    isn't that considered as an extra curricular achievement?

  18. Waz, yeah I could include this. :D

  19. I meant Robin as in Robin Scherbatsky.