Saturday, 11 April 2009

Saturday, saturday...

Today had been a hell of an eventful day, but I'm not complaining, I love it when my day's full. So the day started with a damned rainfall but soon the rain was over but I was left with a bad hair cause humidity always affects it. Damn humidity! I went to uni and after classes I met Jev at Port-Louis. By that time I had an incredible urge to pee and every toilet in Port-Louis that I've tried seemed to have conspired against me; they were all closed for cleaning purposes. Finally I managed to do it in KFC at Cathedral's. Ah blessed moment!

Then Jev and I went for some Port-Louis-seeing and here goes a collage of the snaps we took.

We went to visit the cathedral, which is incredibly awesome by the way, and saw people preparing for the Easter mass.

Then we went shopping for a gift for Jevin's brother's birthday and I must say that Jevin was really choosy regarding the gift. :p

Then upon returning home, my sister surprised me by giving me a lemon-scented perfume. It's amazing how much she knows about my taste and my love for lemon scents. And I absolutely love the perfume. Thanks a lot Loo! :D

Ah! and finally to end the evening, we had a little dessert feast consisting of brownies and tea.

For us it's a good way to start the Easter weekend! :D Aargh! But right now I'm dead tired dudettes and dudes and my celebrating aliens, so I'll just go get a good night's sleep but before going I'd like to wish you all an awesome weekend. Take care people!


  1. Dead tired too over here...

    Yeah the cathedral is amazing. It's my first time over there.

    Ohh and your last pic makes me want to have a nice cup of tea. :p How were the brownies?

  2. The brownies were good but I guess I was really full from today's eating sprees. How was the birthday party? :p

  3. Ohhh... Looks so much fun!!! I want brownies as well!!!

  4. :) He is risen! Alleluia!

    I've been to the cathedral maybe 10 times in my life ... I've not been there since it's been renovated ( :'( mo pas moris la sniff sniff)

    Btw I think it's good to visit places of worship to get a glimpse of others faith. I have visited Kaylason once (dunno if I pronounced it right - the big Tamil temple), a few pagodas in Port Louis, one Hindu temple in Port Louis also ... and part of the Jummah Mosque (of cause, i could not get inside the prayer area coz I'm not muslim)

    What struck me was the difference btw temples and churches ... e.g. ringing of bells are not for the same purpose ... well the architecture as well, as of them were amazing ... I particularly recommend going to the roof of the Pagoda near the Civil Hospital in Port Louis.

  5. Did you make the brownies? They look yummylicious!

    *steal a brownie square and run away*

  6. Happy Easter, Morinn!
    enjoy the rest of your weekend! :)

  7. I love brownies. :D Where did you buy them?
    *looking at the perfume * Is that 'Mauritius' written there?

  8. aww jevin and u both look so two kids in kindergarten..hihi
    i totally love the last pic with the is so vintage..whatever that means. lovely!
    happy easter sweet!

  9. we had a blast with the brownie and the tea!!when it comes to eating momo and i are always get along well!!hihi!!

  10. your brownies....ohhh i want them!
    my mum has the same perfume, it smells awesomeeee
    happy easter weekend mo :)

  11. @ nussaibah,there won't be any brownies left after I've attacked them today! hihi

    @ Bruno, yeah it was a pleasant experience to discover how Easter is being prepared for. Happy Easter. ;)

    @ Angele, I bought the brownies from a bakery near port louis, they were delicious indeed. I'm gonna try baking some myself one of these days. ;)

    @ Waz, thanks a lot. Enjoy the rest of the weekend as well! :p

    @ Aline, yeah it's written "Mauritius Collection". lol! It's a made in Mauritius perfume.

    @ Rooch, happy happy easter to you too!! :p

    @ Loona, yeah when it comes to eating nothing stops us! lol

    @ Keli, yeah the perfume smells really really great! happy easter to you too! :p

  12. "Port-Louis-seeing"... Big LoL:)

    I wish I was there to do that. I bet a lot has change since.

    What's that "Mauritius collection" perfume?
    Mauritius is indeed evolving... Any "FOR MEN" perfume in the collection?

  13. I think there is a Men's collection, I have to ask my sister. :D It's sold at Phydra's

  14. lol! There was the brownies with weed recipe in Desperate Housewives! hihi

  15. Yes morinn the party was good. Lots of wine and lots of cake. :p

    Thank you rooch. Actually we just finished kindergarten.

    Shah, yes we need to try that "special" brownies.

    I wanted to add. Port-Louis is beautiful. Just try to go there during public holidays. Its deserted, its beautiful.

  16. lol! kids in the kindergarten! that's lovely! hihi

    one of these days we'll have to go photograph cows jev! niahaha

  17. Happy Easter bloggers!

  18. Thanks Yannick, happy easter to you as well. ;)

  19. Phydra's? Errr... where?
    Sorry, but I've been away from the island for 4yrs. I do understand its my fault & that I should pay more attention to my island, but, hey... Kot gagne le temps?