Thursday, 2 April 2009

What the hell is wrong with the older generations?

I mean yeah, what the hell is wrong with them? When I speak of the older generation here I'm talking about those older persons, mostly ladies, who usually take the bus along with me and who rather often:
1. refuse to make place for a new passenger to sit
2. usually speak in a rude manner when "asking" people to ring the bell
3. are always keen to annoy people for whatever reason it might be

Yeah I know you'll think I'm mean for saying such a thing when I should be respecting those people. But if there's something that I ought to say it's that I do respect them. I do respect elders. But there's something called mutual respect which I guess they do not practise.

I agree that the younger generation perceives issues in a different perspective than that of older generations but this is not a reason to have prejudices against us. You just can feel it when you're seated next to a person who clearly does not approve of your ways even though the person is a stranger. As an example of this, older ladies usually spend most of the time that we're seated next to each other staring at me, my clothes, my earphone and my bag. Now ain't that annoying? Where the hell are their manners?

And I bet that those same persons would be first to complain about how young people nowadays are rude and lack manners.

Well it's a bloody vicious circle. Older people are rude towards younger people and younger people treat them in the same way.

The inverse might be true as well, but let's just not consider it for the moment.

But I swear next time a person just points at the doorbell without politely asking me to ring it, I'll just ignore the person. I'm just so sick of their lack of manners.


  1. this is the kind of posts that i like to read. not be afraid to express oneself. but it is funny to think that old ppl can be dangerous.

  2. lol! I think it's just me then. I'm getting a little bit paranoid.

  3. Yeah, I agree that some of them are very rude.

    For example, on Monday I was sitting in the bus with my friend when an old lady asked me very rudely to give her a place (Something along the lines of:"Can't you see I'm an weak old lady, you lazy youngster! Move off that seat!"). I hadn't even seen her in the first place as I was listening to some music. I was going to reply but decided against it. When she sat, she very rudely told my friend to give his seat to her daughter who was in her thirties or forties. My friend did not accept and she became like: "Oh my god these young people are such barbarians, they have no manners, bla bla bla". My friend agreed only to stop her ranting.

    I agree 100% on what you say about mutual respect.

  4. lol thats funny. i almost never give my seat, because i think why don't they just wait for another bus.
    but well, sometimes i just can't help it, for the sake of compassion i guess.
    anyway i prefer being seated next to old people than young people who'd just play the music on their mobile phone as if everybody in the bus wanted to listen. and whichever music. i think its rude. but thats how public transport is...
    morinn next time some old woman stares at you, just stare'll freak them out.

  5. Ahh the insistent stares from those old women! I know what you mean :P I don't like people staring at me. It makes me so uncomfortable :|
    But then again, I've got the solution to this! The next time someone looks at you insistently, just stare back and flash a huge smile. It'll make them wonder why on earth you have that broad smile on your face while staring at them... and they'll look away! Trust me, it works! :D

  6. Yet another debate on "Truth and Righteousness"..

    its true that hey are elders, we shud respect them - Righteousness

    What if they are doing something WRONG

    Should we support Truth or Righteousness...

    From my experience, it really depends on the situation..

    but i tend to support the truth most of the time..

    HELL YEAH!! those old ladies who keep bragging!! pfff... as if they were never young...

  7. :D lol it's a cultural problem. In the UK, I've often given my place to old people. They are smiling and friendly and don't bragg ... eh dir ki banla dir ki anglais sozav ...

  8. Respect definitely has to work both ways. But some people don't know that, and its a shame. I don't feel angry for those people who don't, i pity them. I would pity the fact that they are the way they are. Getting angry and stressed is definitely not good for the health. Everyone is different and is leading different lives with their own problems, but i don't think that that is an excuse to be rude to other people or treat someone without respect. I think that its a worldwide thing where the older generation hate/envy the younger generation, and the other way around. But, it's only in some places in the world where people show the way they feel about the older/younder in a rude and/or disrespectful way. I don't think that you can blame one generation more than the other, but as you said its a 'vicious circle'. Maybe you could just call it the 'circle of life' (:D), you start off young, and find that the older generation seem to hate/disrespect you...and then eventually you turn into that same sort of person when you're older and hate/disrespect the younger generation. Maybe its unavoidable. All i know is that when i'm in Mauritius in a few months time i might avoid the bus and sitting next to someone who keeps staring at me...maybe i'll get a bicycle instead!

  9. I completely agree! I especially hate when they push to get in the bus, not that I wouldn't let them go in first, it they just waited. I simply hate this.. And yeah, when they start staring at you for some reason or not... *sigh* And they say we are the disrespectful one...

  10. lolz.. well.. the "older" generations didn't get "campaign sensibilization" on walking on the road, sida, cigarette, talking on the phone, driving the car, how to act at public places, how to act at the beach, and soo much more..
    our generation has been teached good manners! lolz.. fortunately or unfortunately for us !! ..
    our generation don't have the guts to go to the streets big society issues..
    History shall tell us why !..

    P.S: when i come on ur blog, and changing pages, ther's something telling me to put username and password.. for paws sipakoi !! do check it out ;)

  11. lol morinn i sense u really had a harsh time with some old hag eh? old mean i am!
    i don't mind sitting next to them, i am in my own world when i travel by bus so oldies or not, it's okay with me :)
    but u know what i hate above all? ena dimoune ki senti pi ek kan to asiz akoter zot la sa, OMG!

  12. They should begin reading our blogs too!

    Anybody got the blog url of the Senior Citizens Society? Got to ping them!

  13. lol we are being threatened by old ppl :)
    at least wat u said is true, well for some old ppl at least, i wont say all :P

  14. Here are 2 facts about old people:

    Fact 1
    Actually science has prooved that there are 2 categories of old people.
    Category 1: The common ones (the ones you see sitting peacefully in their yards drinking tea)
    Category 2: The ones who use public transports.

    Fact 2
    Second category is just a bunch of old hags.

  15. Thanks for sharing some of your personal experiences dudettes and dudes. :p I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one encountering such a problem on a daily basis.
    But have you noticed how these incidents turn out to be funny when you rethink about it? :p
    Today something utterly weird happened to me. I was sitting next to a lady who was trying to spit through the window of the bus and I was damn scared that the spit might instead land on me and I changed place.
    It seems like there'll be a new bus incident in my life everyday. lol!

  16. haha. So true. One thing that I could never understand is this. why they need to use the public transport at peak hours??? They are free all day long. And then when they enter a bus you are as if obliged to give your place. I understand that if they need to go to the hospital in the morning mais pa pou alle prend pension. Bureau la ouvert ene journee.

  17. To be fair to them, some people don't treat them properly at all, I remember how 'controlleurs' in NTC buses would almost bully them. But of course, that's no reason to act like they do towards younger people.

    For the record, I always give up my place for an elderly person (never for a girl btw lol she can stand, she's healthy) whether the elderly person is rude or not.

  18. Yashi you got a point here. Definitely sometimes bus conductors do not treat them well. This brings in a general state of frustration though. You see the bus itself becomes a place of frustration in this sense. One can even speak of negative vibes.
    God, I need to sleep. :S

  19. Bruno, thanks for sharing your thoughts on this issue and the personal experience. It gives an insight on how the situation can be improved in Mauritius, based on a UK model.

  20. my view about it... better just .. leave it as it is... they won't understand much, the generation gap is too big, worrying about it or pointing em the finger won't change anything, so just don't give em a fuck! Atleast that's what i'll do.. or fer le deplaisant.. get em sooo disgusted that they'll reret having been rude to you.. mais deep inside you'll feel bad having done it.

  21. yeah I know. I'll feel bad if I told them something and I'm mad at my passiveness. It's really an ambiguous situation where any action could be detrimental to me. :S

  22. " When I speak of the older generation here I'm talking about those older persons, mostly ladies,"

    Menopause is your answer. :P (couldn't resist)

  23. Sha, in fact you know, this might be the reason. Recently a strong example of the disasters caused by menopause was seen by my friends and I when a lady lecturer shouted at us for no apparent reason. She is having such mood swings that it has become difficult to cope with her. I sure hope the menopause effects are over soon.

  24. Haha, so funny, it's just the same over here. Old folks are just so rude at times, and why do they travel during rush hour? And they're always complaining then that there is no room in the tram or bus, yea, duh, it's rush hour. And then they, not needing to go to school or work, are refusing to let people on so that those people will be late for class or work. Tsss, old folks, not used to this new, multicultural and busy life style.

  25. We mauritians are not the only one then. ;)

  26. *sighs*

    arr les vieux! plus ils le sont , mieux ils sont grincheux LOL . Avec la tete que j'ai , je suis tout de suite classé comme un voileur ou recidiviste notoire .... pour exemple : Je me balade tranquil au caudan , et la ya 2 vieilles limaces baveuse qui papotent ... lune d'elle se retourne et me devisage avant de chuchoter une connerie a l'autre ... et l'autre se retourne , me scanne et boom , elle glisse son sac-merde au devant en le tenant bien serré avant d'accelerer , me laissant dans une poussiere d'amertume ....


  27. Good topic. My case... I simply never give ANYONE my place in bus. Oh sorry my parent paid lot of tax so the tax pay my bus fares and why should i giv my place. (selfish mode on :P)

    I will give my place only and only if the condition below is met:

    --The human is a very old lady who cant stand well or have some physical problem to stand loing distance and is very old and no one else has givenher a place and the bus is really crowded to max.And most mportant SHE MUST NOT ASK ME! I never give to those who ask.

    Thats all. If the human is a hot girl..i wont bother she stand before me rather! lol. If its a male human i can even tell him to not stand near me as he is sweating too much yucck :P If others i am usually very irritating that i tend to take more space on the outisde with my bag or legs so that they dont stnd near me. Ohh am if someone ask me rudely to giv my place? I tell him some nice "words" plus adding "tax" + "government" + Student with a sarcastic smile that he will not ask again.. Ps "words" does not mean swears! lol. Off.

  28. i don't like the old ladies who take the bus along with me!and yeah. they take the whole damn seat with their zillions bags! *tsk tsk*