Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Youtube is not Youcrap

I was browsing Youtube for some videos of Metallica and Machine Head, the usual, since I wanted to waste some time. Then I thought why not try a video of Creed, the song is One. So I typed the name on the search box and got lots of search results and I decided to view those videos which looked interesting from the preview.

While I was viewing the videos, I came across that of a girl, who was singing the song in front of her web cam while the music was playing along in the background. And I was like uh-oh, what the hell is that? First her voice was lame, second the overall quality of the video was lame.

To be honest, I don't mind people posting their own videos on Youtube, I have done that too and the whole purpose of the website is about that plus by doing this, users are not violating any artist's copyright but then people should self-assess their videos before placing them on Youtube and before giving them a title that is apt to attract lots of visitors.

On the bright side, I came across a video of some drunk dudes singing the song One and it gave me a hell of a laugh. That video was original and fun. Unfortunately I can't find it today. Bad luck!

Goodnight dudettes and dudes and my creative aliens.

Update: Found the video. :D Here goes:


  1. Told you to add the video to your favs. Hah...

    Yes Youtube has some super lame videos at times. Bands should track down those people and say "Hey don't f**k with my song!".

  2. Yeah but some people do some awesome covers. At least they have tried to put in some effort. Even those who compile their own videos out of pictures or scenes from movies or animes do a great job. At least those videos have a purpose and are pleasant to watch. But not the crappy crappy crappy ones, for which you can't find any purpose.

  3. the guys who are headbanging and appreciating the music are funnier. by the way they are creed haters! :D

  4. couldnt find trivium - demon perfoming on youtube except the song without vids or guitar cover (some of them are quite good) but had to laugh at this one :

    mouhahahahahaha!! at least he's trying some might say....

    back to the topic... well youtube is my online tV , yeah honestly.

  5. Yannick, yeah the fans are really funny guys!!

    m0rph, lol! the kid's an expert at headbanging it seems. I was scared at one point that his head might fly off! lol

  6. lol thats so super funny, plus they are wayyyyyyyyy better than loads of mauritian bands doing concerts, yeah.
    cover versions in concerts, bah never understood that 'concept'.
    everyone wants their 15 mins of fame, and youtube gives it to them, so maybe they could back off from facebook a little, but they won't. they want it all. ah crazy generation ;)
    anyway godbless youtube!

  7. hihi plus the guitarist is a good one and the singer's voice quite original. got a lil' Rob Thomas touch too it! might be the drunk part though! hihi

    I love this video, can't wait to make one of my own! haha!

  8. Youtube is a democratic video hosting service. Anyone can upload his interpretation of the song, even if he 'massacres' it.

  9. At Bruno, if you read well, I have mentioned that yes everyone can upload their videos, but there should be a certain level of quality. Like the video I posted above, I think it is fun and even though they have massacred this song I think they did a great job.

    Yes Youtube is a democratic video hosting service, I have stated something like this on my post. ;)

  10. trop funny lol ... well youtube just wanna make money thats why you can get everythin and nothing as well in the videozz

  11. lol
    remember that shakira vid we watched in 2007?superspoof!!

  12. @ Pricus, yeah if youtube did not allow this then it wouldn't even have enough videos on the site. lol!

    @ Loona, was too damn funny! We'll have to find it again! hihi

  13. how come i can't see the video on ya blog? 0h well it must have been supa funny from the comments i read :D
    yesterday i was watching gad elmaleh on youtube..gosh i laughed my ass out. vive youtube!


  14. hihi! OMG yeah Gad Elmaleh rocks. Next time I'm feeling blue I'll check it out on youtube. :P

    I dunno what happened with the vid rooch, I'm still seeing it here. :S