Wednesday, 6 May 2009

13 Days Baby!

In 13 days I'll be so damned free that I wouldn't know what to do in my free time. Well I'll blog, most obviously and I'll go photograph cows 'cause I've been wanting to do that for such a long time, I'll make cookies 'cause the last time I made one was in December and most importantly, I'll sleep. Ah the joys of being able to sleep at will, nothing can beat that.

Anyway, for now it's revision-time and exams. Everybody gotta go through that,huh?


  1. yeahh baby!
    in 14 days i'll be free too! like forever free. thats kinda freaky!
    when you have 3 months, its limited and you get to do all the things you want to before they end. but a lifetime...i fear i might end up delaying things up. bah. nothing is ever good is it.
    bonnes revisions! muakssssssssssss

  2. I so envy you... not for the revisions and exams but for the free time you'll be getting afterwards!
    Sleeping at will is a bliss! I miss that so much :(

  3. Lucky you, will be in holidays very shortly, but must go thru that stressful exams period first :)
    Me no hols, unless get a public holiday and the weekends, then get time to forget work and relax :P
    Bonnes revisions, and wish u all the best...

  4. Love the pic. Have a good time revising.

    Yeah in 13 days we'll go cow hunting. HAHAHA You'll see that cows are actually pretty scary creatures.

  5. lol ur picture! i felt i was looking at my own table! haha i have a flat screen connected to my ibm too. wahaha. plus i have a cat too. okay i have two. but hey danggg we're so alike! :D hihi
    yeah well i don't count the days. i have only 2 papers left. ^^
    and after exams i'll paint my ceiling purple. i've been wanting to do that for a longggg time now.
    good revision to you

  6. Thanks for passing by people! It warms my heart in those desperate times of exams! hihi! :p

  7. good luck for exams :D

  8. Good Luck and all the best! When the exmas over, you can fly! So, stay focused! Friendly advice :)