Sunday, 3 May 2009

About my allergies

I am allergic to cats' fur. I learnt the news last year in May. I had been sneezing quite a lot for some months before I decided to see a doctor and that's when I got to know about my allergies. The news really saddened me since I love Noushie, my cat a lot.

But rest assured, we made special arrangements so that both Noushie and I could live in the same home. For instance, Noushie sleeps in the living room and is not allowed in my room and I am not allowed to sit on Noushie's couch. A win-win situation, huh? :D Plus I've got some pills that I take in case I start feeling the allergy symptoms.

So I've been wondering, are you dudettes and dudes allergic to something?
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  1. aww cuite cat!
    omg i can imagine what u must have been through when u found out about ur allergy. i can't imagine my life without minou. but yay for win-win situation! good strategy. ;D
    well let's see, there was this time i used to be allergic to either vodka or doritos. i know it's weird. they would give me tiny red itchy patches on my body. i never got to know which one was causing the allergy though cause i was kinda having both of them at the same time. u know..holidays, booze, eat junk and all.
    but thank god it's gone now. went away just like it came. poof! amen! :)

  2. I have many!

    Allergic to liars, clones...

  3. Rooch, yeah it was horrible when I got to know the news. Lucky we managed to find a solution!
    Allergic to vodka or doritos? whahaha!! Perhaps the doritos was past expiry date? :p glad the allergy is gone though! hihi

    Yashvin, allergic to clones? lol! that's funny

  4. i am glad that you have found a way to overcome this. your cat is so cute. :)

  5. A pity you're allergic to cats. And Noushie is such lovely pet .
    I think I'm allergic to certain antibiotics. So have to ask the good doctor again!

  6. Steff, yeah he is cute indeed. :D As all cats are! :p

    Keats, allergic to antibiotics? I have a friend who has that as well. How do you cope with it?

  7. i have forgotten to add that i am allergic to crabs. i love crab soup and i cannot eat it ever since i am 14, thats wen i startd having rashes and itches when i ate crab soup. :(

  8. Steff, that must be horrible, cause it's something that you love eating. I can barely imagine how life would be if I were allergic to chocolates! :O
    lol, not that I'm saying that your life is boring. hihi

  9. If one is allergic to antibiotics, reactions will appear e.g.rashes or gastro intestinal side effects, depending. Then one has to inform the doc. and he will represcribe another type. We shouldn't self medicate!! It's best to keep a record of your allergies.

  10. Clones... Or I will rather say "Pirate clones"...

    Definition from Yashkipedia :
    "Those who try to copy me and steal my ideas" :P

  11. to yashvin: i see some copies of your style of blogging. this is the disadvantage of being a good blogger. :)

  12. Wooww noushie's so cute on that pic... I remember her eating Doritos or something.

    I am allergic to dust. Can't bear vacuum cleaner, must kill vacuum cleaner.

  13. Jev, noushie's a "he" now. We discovered that last year! haha! Yeah he loves eating Doritos and Shapes. Weird cat!

  14. oh i've got a long list; dust, crab, wind, sugar cane flowers, pollens, lobsters, shrimps, octopus, certain cheap perfumes. i came to know about my allergy to cheap perfume when i'm in the bus, tranquilou, and someone enters and i start sneezing like hell. thats when i know.
    but its got to be cheap perfume, not expensive. that must be my victoria beckham side.
    hey rooch, i'm sure what you had from vodka was some kind of rash after drinking heavy doses of alcohol. i used to have that at the tip of my fingers long ago.

  15. Yep morinn I still remember the day you discovered that. It went like that:

    Morinn: "Heyyyy, you know what? Noushie's a he!"
    I: "Good, good... Who is Noushie?"
    Morinn: "I'm never talking to you again... beeeeeeep"

    Okay it was not exactly like that. But it's close.

    And keli, you seem to be allergic to everything. That's weird. Actually no. Coming from you, it's not weird at all.

    Btw, I have bruises everywhere when I'm drunk. Do you guys think its an allergy with alcohol? Or is it me rolling on the grass again for no reason?

  16. I`m currently in this crisis :S and it sucks :@

  17. Keli, my mum's allergic to cheap perfumes as well. lol! it's such a posh allergy, i wish i had it! hihi

    Jev, nooo i wasnt mad at you for not remembering who noushie is.

    Joyshan, you've got allergies to cats as well? That's coool. :P

  18. The only known allergy that I have is after taking a type of medicine. I'm so happy I'm not allergic to cat fur or other animal fur!